Going BACK to the gyno...hoo boy...

  1. This is my spin off/sequel from the "I'm scared to go to the gyno" thread...which I am SO happy to see has inspired a few TPF'ers out there to get in and go!

    I have to go back in and see a gyno specialist tomorrow. Pap was NOT normal, unfortunately. It's not that abnormal for Paps to be abnormal but I was told some things on the phone that are pretty dang scary. So I got back in with the first person I could get an appointment with (it's an all women clinic so I knew I would get a female gyno which I wanted).

    I guess I'm scared of what might have happened if I HADN'T gone to the gyno, KWIM? There will be a bunch of unknowns until they have the results of this follow up exam and tests. For now I have to just pray that they find out what it is and that it isn't anything unusual and hopefully easily treatable. :confused1:

    I'll keep y'all posted....
  2. good for you for going!! i am sure you will be fine!! i often have abnormal paps - have no idea why - but things have been fine for me.

    good luck!!
  3. It's good that you went. *fingers crossed for you*
  4. Did they tell you why they want you to come back in right away, or give you any indication of what the initial Pap showed beyond just "abnormal"? They should have some idea of the degree of the problem. Are you going back for a biopsy this time?

    I had abnormal paps for literally years, to the point that I was getting really pissed off since I had to go in every 3-4 months for another -- they would come back with is dysplasia of various degrees (abnormal cells.) I was about ready to tell them that we either needed to actually do something abut it or drop the frequency, since I was up to 12 or so Pap tests over a few years. Finally, I moved, and in the new location the doctor did a biopsy that came back as carcinoma in situ (stage 0/precancer of the cervix.)

    I had a very simple procedure called a LEEP, where they excise part of the cervix with a electrical loop, and everything has been fine ever since, about 7-8 years now! It was literally like a day's discomfort after the procedure, no big deal. It's well worth going back and getting things resolved definitively. Also crossing my fingers that you'll have a good and simple visit!
  5. How scary this must be for you. I've had one or two abnormal paps over the years that turned out to be nothing. I hope it's the same for you. Please keep us posted.:heart:
  6. Yikes! I hope all is OK, probably the typical run of the mill "not normal" pap, all will turn out fine, but damn, it's always something!
  7. Hey everyone, thanks for your support! It's always the unknown that's the hardest part...

    Anyway, I'm going to be having a Colposcopy, which is a closer exam of the cervix using a sort of magnifying device and bright light, plus a biopsy of anything that looks suspicious. This is a pretty typical next step from what I have heard?
  8. I hope everything turns out fine for you. Good luck!
  9. If you go to the gyno for a pap test every year at about the same time, you should be okay. Even if God forbid the worst was to occur, it would still be treatable.
  10. Yep! That's what I had. It's sort of like an extended internal exam. Speculum, open you up and take a good look. They also paint your cervix with a mild acidic solution. None of this hurts at all, you don't feel any burning or anything like that. Any abnormal areas will turn a whitish color, apparently -- my ob/gyn sister in law said it's kind of like when you soak in the tub for a long time and calluses or thick skin on your feet gets whitish. They'll then biopsy any white areas. I had two. The first was on the outside edge and didn't hurt much at all. The second one was righ t in the internal opening of the cervix, so they had to really get up there to get the sample. That one hurt a bit, but certainly not a big deal. I was a little crampy, so I took a couple of ibuprofen afterward. Again, I think this is because it was up inside the cervical canal; I don't think the one out on the edge alone would have cramped so much. I went to work and felt fine the next day.

    And, again, I just wanted to repeat that the whole thing was very easily resolved, with no recurrences years later, so I hope yours will be the same!
    I was actually really pleased to just have the procedure and put an end to being Our Lady of the Perpetual Pap Smear.

  11. I had that years ago. It wasn't bad, just pinched a little. Although people were surprised I went in to work right after. :shrugs:

    I'd had one abnormal pap that went back to normal at the next re-check three months later. Couple of years later, another abnormal pap. This new doc said I did NOT need to be re-checked. I consulted with my old doc, who consulted with a gynecological oncologist. They said absolutely to get re-checked in no longer than three months. So I saw the partner of the doc who refused the re-check. He was cool with me doing a re-check. Which led to the colposcopy. Good thing, too, because things had progressed....I had cervical cancer.

    BUT...it was caught very early, I had further treatment... and that was over 20 years ago.

    The great thing about paps is that they can catch changes before things progress too far. That's why I think EVERYONE should have them annually and not wait three years as some recommend.
  12. I'm going to the gyno next week.....it's one of those things that I know I have to do but I dread it all the same. As I get older every year...it seems like I have more things to worry about.

  13. you'll be in my thoughts, pursegrrl! I really hope it's nothing and everything turns out fine :flowers:

    I'm even more scared of the gyno now... but I realize I really should go. :s thanks for posting your story.
  14. Oh Keya, I truly hope I haven't scared anyone off...rather I would be scared if I HADN'T gone to the gyno, KWIM?

    Update: today's appointment was a consultation, not the colposcopy/biopsy procedure. I just had a great chat with the gyno who is going to examine me next week. Why the delay? Well, my primary provider office hadn't sent over my chart to them as I had to sign an info release first. OK, a little red tape, but honestly it was good at least having a chat with this new gyno ahead of time to learn more on what to expect rather than just diving in there (so to speak, LOL!).

    What else did I learn? That just because you are asymptomatic (meaning, no symptoms of anything) does NOT excuse you from getting your booty to the gyno for a checkup. Honestly, I have ZERO symptoms of anything...no weird discharge, no weird smells, no bumps...everything is just fine down there odor wise and color wise (and new BF says so too, sorry if TMI!) :shame:. But that doesn't mean things don't need to get checked out!

    SOOOO...I will promise to post more of my story with the intent that it inspires more tPF'ers out there to GET TO THE GYNO!!! :woohoo::okay:
  15. You are a sweetheart! I do hope everything turns out fine for you...keep us posted.:flowers: