going back to school as an adult

  1. Hello Ladies, I need some advice...
    I am 30 and considering going back to College Part time (I have a full time job and can't afford to quit working at the moment). I already have a BS degree from 1999 in Mass Comm/PR, but alas, I never used it (I've been working in financial/mortgages for the past 5 years ugh). Now, I would like to go back and study biology/medicinal chemistry..I know, quite the change!!! Do you think this is even feasible at my age/time of life/career??? I am just unhappy with my current career and feel as though this business is not fullfilling or satisfying...
  2. Good Lord!! 30 is not old!!
    You should definitely do something if you feel you need to make a career change!! I'm sure all if not some of your previous coursework could be used for credit for your future degree. Good luck!
    What area in medicine, BTW?
  3. OMG of course, yes! They say most of us will change careers 4 times or so, and that will often require more education beyond our college years! A friend of mine changed careers at 50 when she realized she was sick of office life and wanted to be a landscape architect! Voila, she did it (and yes this meant going back to school too)!

    Good luck to you!!
  4. You should definitely go for it! 30 is nowhere near old! I just started an apprenticeship 2 1/2 years ago, and I'm 36! It's so much more fulfilling to love what you do. Good luck!
  5. Go for it! 30 isn't old at all. I'm a college student and I see plenty of people who aren't 18-25 taking classes. In fact, my friend has a granny taking an art class with her. You're never too old to learn.
  6. Absolutely w/o any doubt or hesitation I say GO FOR IT! 30 is so not even close to being old!

    Go, do what you want to do! Get your degree, find a job you love & work happily for the next 30ish years!

    My mom dropped out of college her first time around at age 20ish to get married. Eventually she divorced her first husband & while married to my father & raising 2 kids (ages 7 & 3) she want back to college to finish her degree. She had me when she was 31, so she was 38 when she want back! She ended up graduating first in her department (history.) My experience in Undergrad & now law school is that the students who are a bit older do better, get more out of it & leave w/ better grades & experience than most of their younger counterparts!

    In every way I encourage you to go back! You'll be surprised to find there are a fair amount of "non-traditional" students around!

    Go for it!
  7. I'm thirty, and I frequently dream about getting additional schooling, like going to law school or getting a PhD. Sometimes I feel too old to "start over." Right now, I'm concentrating on finding a job I love that lets me utilize the degrees I already have.

    I took a class with a guy while working on my masters. He was a practicing lawyer; he started law school when he was about 38 after doing 20 years in the military. Law school takes three years to complete, I think, and this guy had been practicing for a few years. He told me that I should go to law school, and when I told him that I thought I was too old (at the time I was 28) he looked at me like I'd just sprouted a second head.

    My mom's good friend recently got a PhD--and she's in her fifties.

    Stories like these give me hope, but I sometimes still think that I'm too old to just make a big change like that, especially given how expensive upper education is, even though I do plan to start work on a PhD very soon. Contradictory, yeah.
  8. First of all, thirty is not old. Second of all, you're only going to get older (and tireder). So do it now while you have more time and energy.
  9. ^^^ not sure "tireder" is a word, actually. Maybe I should go back to school!:wtf:
  10. Of course you're NOT too old!!!! Its never too late to go back to school!
    I say, GO FOR IT GIRL!!
    If it makes you feel any better, my SIL went back to school at the age of 35(soooo OLD! hahaha KIDDING!).
  11. :wtf:
    BGirl, why would you think you are too old to go back to college? If you graduated in '99 with a degree, you have only been away for a few years. The courses you will take will not be easy and do require lots of time of study and memorizing, but I see non-traditional students as very persistent in understanding and asking questions-overall more confident. Go for it, and do not believe anyone who says that you are old!
  12. I say go for it and good luck! :yahoo:
  13. It's absolutely not too late for you to go back!! I studied Biology for 3 years in the US, and there were a number of people over 30 in my lectures! There was even a woman who was in her late 50s who was going back to fulfill her dream of getting a degree in Biology.

    With enough hard work & determination, you can do it!

    And if you're worried about being the oldest there, trust me: you won't be!
  14. You are not old!! You can do it. When I was in ungrad, I had a classmate who was 75. She was truly amazing and inspired us all. I think we all got fustrated and tired before she did. She always said, you are only old in numbers not in spirit. She was the belle of the school. When we graduated, we all gave her a standing O. She 79 years old when she graduated and went on to grad school.
    Best of luck in school.
  15. Good luck !