Going back to platinum blond...


Dec 27, 2005
:smile: I have had different shades of blond hair forever and cut in various messy pixie cuts for years too. Guess it's a signature look. I had it dyed brown two months ago and thought it looked good. Was ready for a change. Well my three friends told me they hated my dark hair. :lol: I don't think hubby was too impressed because I told him I was thinking of going blond again and he kept asking me when my hair appointment is. So tomorrow I go back to platinum blond and a new messy pixie cut. It does amaze me with short hair how 2-3 inches makes your style look different.
My friend who got her hair done with me wanted to let her short layers grow out. She said when she saw her relative she asked her what happened to her hairdresser. My friend said nothing, her relative said her hair looked like crap. So both of us will get short cuts and color tomorrow and hopefully look fantastic. I guess sometimes it might be better to stick with what works best.


Mar 18, 2012
I've had long hair for most of my life, but I've also had short haircuts. I've been going to my current stylist for three years, and I had him cut my hair short last year and I really liked it, but missed the long. I grew it for about a year, and just had it chopped off into a bob again yesterday. I love it! :smile: