Going back the COACH outlet today!

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  1. ...and I wonder what I will be bringing back... lol
  2. I hope your outlet has some great things!!!!! Have fun shopping!!

  3. Awsome! Which will you be hitting?
  4. I'mgoing too....finally! My dh always says no and today he said yes :smile: I'm going to Petaluma. Good luck and post your finds!
  5. can someone bring me back something ANYTHING!! LOL..... I have been sick and stuck in the house for the last 3 days just itching to get out!!! LOL
  6. ME TOO!!! I'm finally after reading about everyone's outlet finds going to the Camarillo outlet, has anyone ever been there? I'm wondering and hoping it will be worth the drive....
  7. Have Fun! I won't be able to hit my outlet until Friday, and the wait is KILLING me! I'll just have to live vicariously through everyone else's deals:crybaby:
  8. Have fun!!! I wanted to go to the outlet today too but I HAVE to work on my thesis and I'm super broke right now (didn't have to work last week at one of my jobs and my paycheck is sitting there waiting to get picked up!!!!) so I'm going to have to force myself to be good and maybe I can go on Wednesday! Let us know what you find louislover!!
  9. I hope you feel better soon!!:flowers:
  10. show us your loot!! (and please let us know which outlet)

  11. Ditto for me as well.
  12. I went there once and I thought it was a great store! The SAs were so nice too! They get a lot of their inventory from South Coast Plaza (and you know how high end they are). I bought a lot of stuff when I went there too. I would definitely go there again. :graucho:
  13. Didn't buy myself anything, but I got my bf something...

    Lets see if you can guess what it is!

  14. a wallet
  15. close.... but.... nope!