Going back home to China with a cat


Feb 5, 2006
Warm south
A friend of mine had to go back home to China —- he has been here for about 6 years and he has
a cat that has to travel with him. Leaving his cat here is just not an option for him although his girlfriend will be in grad school in Boston. He is leaving end of June. Anybody has an idea of how to navigate flying with a cat to China esp in the midst of covid changes. He has been so stressed out and just so overwhelmed with this move. we are so sad for him because he said there’s just no way he can go without the cat. thanks y’all!


May 23, 2015
I don't know how it works, but I hope he will be able to carry the cat in a trolley as hand luggage perhaps with a very little sedative.
I would never give an animal in the cargo hold. Never. Ever.

https://www.chinarundreisen.com/china-info/haustier-reise-in-china.htm perhaps this is helpful? I guess it is still good to understand after some translation-programm.