Going around ebay....

  1. Have you ever had a pfer contact you through ebay about making an offer on your listing? If so, did you go around ebay and arrange on your own?

    This is the first time I have ever sold on ebay and I know that is technically cheating, but do you do it to save a few bucks? :shrugs:

    I would rather sell to a pfer than joe schmoe on ebay who could become a major problem.

    HELP :angel: !
  2. A few thoughts on this...I've just spent a while reading the latest from disappointed buyers and sellers (payment issues, authenticity issues, PayPal issues, condition issues, ebay issues, Customs issues, etc etc)...unless you personally know a potential buyer, all potential buyers are strangers to you, and you have no way of knowing anything about them EXCEPT for their user name and feedback, their PayPal verification or lack thereof-as I write this I'm wondering why a winner of one of my auctions with over 2500 + feedbacks and no negative feedbacks has been AWOL since auction's end-if you want to put something on ebay, and you are new to it, I strongly urge you to let the auction play out and everyone follows the rules-in spite of all the angst and drama, an ebay auction gives you a thread to follow and an outline-Good luck with your auction, I'll be getting back to mine now!!!
  3. I personally think if you're not entirely comfortable with it... then don't.

    I do understand the preference tho.. if it was me - I'd way rather sell to a PFer than somebody random... similar to how you can look up someone's 'history' on eBay... taking a look at a PFers history on tPF - although it may not tell you much about their buying/selling/paying history, it will give you some information and I think that could be helpful... someone who's been on tPF for awhile, has thoughtfully contributed, been helpful and courteous to others, perhaps has discussed past eBay experiences, whether you recognize that name as someone you've chatted with often, how many posts they've had, etc.

    Good luck with your auction! Whoever ends up with your bag is one lucky lady! You're auctioning one LOVELY bag!
  4. Perhaps there was an emergency???
  5. you can go around ebay if you want, but personally I feel it's safer to stick with Ebay. PF members are always fun to sell to though.
  6. Basically everyone on ebay is guilty of non-payment until payments received by me. Take for instance the mypoupette thing, what a crock, just because they post they are a MPRS that means they dont sell fakes? Ha! I know of many who sell fake bags. I have reported many of their auctions and have seen many get suspended for it. Anyone is capable of non-payment or selling fakes or whatever. I tend to buy from the same sellers on ebay over and over again, even if their prices might be higher than someone elses for the same bag...why? because their history with me has been perfect. I also have many repeat buyers who buy from me all the time. I belong to mypoupette and this forum, I dont advertise either one. I want people to buy from me on ebay because they will get a fair price, low shipping, quality authentic items (no matter what I sell) and great customer service...THOSE are the things that will get the buyers and keep them. JMHO:hysteric: