Going anywhere for this holiday?

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  1. So.. anyone has any plan for this holiday?

    I'm going to LA and Las Vegas to spend my christmas... I can't wait to go to LA... I'm so excited :nuts:.. One of the thing I can't wait to do there is shop... Pointers on where to shop will be greatly appreciated :worried:
  2. I'm going to finally go see the woman of my dreams again. It's been painfully long and draining 3 months now, and I can not wait to hold her again.

    I :love: you, Megs
  3. Speaking of that, I'll actually be in Cbus with her, wellow. :smile:
  4. Definitely check out the Caesars Palace's Forum Shops in Vegas. They have alot of designer stores there such as LV, Fendi, Gucci, Dior, Coach, etc. There is also a wonderful outlet about 15 minutes away from Vegas that you should check out.
  5. I'll be visiting my birthplace (Philippines) for the holidays. A fun family holiday vacation!!!
  6. Have fun everyone! Not traveling this winter, have to do research, sucks. I'm hoping to do some when I graduate :biggrin: I went on quite a few trips this year though, so I can't complain.

    btw speaking of Vegas, are you staying @ the Wynn? Also, go to the Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. I loveeeeeeeeee Jimmy Choo! :love:
  7. I'm moving to Bahrain with my husband after Christmas Eve. Too much things to take mith me..my shoes and handbags takes too much space:amazed:
  8. I'd love to go to Vegas, I've always wanted to go!

    I'm driving to South Florida on the 23rd to be with my family for Christmas. I'm excited to party with my family on Christmas Eve. We go through a few bottles of wine and play Trivial Pursuit :biggrin:
  9. Just going to be home for Christmas, and also hoping to make the drive down to the states to visit my loves, the outlet malls !
  10. I'm headed to Puerto Rico a week from today and I'll be back on Xmas Eve (my kids are off from school until after New Years).

    Megs/Vlad, could you see to coordinate our trips in the future so no one misses anything when they are away? That would be great! Thanks.!
  11. I'm going to Disney World :smile:
  12. i'm not going anywhere but back to Atlanta for two days because i work retail :sad:
  13. I work in a business that is like retail in that this is one of our busiest times of year. So no extra days off for me. :sad: We do get Monday 12/26 off, so we're doing our annual Palm Springs pilgrimmage for the weekend. (In-laws have a condo there.)

    Wellow, if you're going to be in the LA area and can get down to Orange County, be sure to hit South Coast Plaza. It's definitely the local destination for designer goods. If you can't get there, check out Century City shopping center...LV, Thomas Pink, Cole Haan, L'Occitane, lots of nice shops. Also Rodeo Drive in BH, though it's quite touristy. On Wilshire Blvd. in BH you have Saks, Neiman's, Barneys, Burberry and others.
  14. Staying home with family. Its a tradition I just can't give up.
  15. oh wow i went there once the currency is quite high but a lovely place.. ill be moving to canada after i get married *gulp* probably take me a few years to get everything there!