Going all out for color.....

  1. ....LOL!!!!!

    No. Seriously. Thinking about either Ebene or Havanne. (this is as far out for color that I can go.....:p)

    If anyone has either of these colors, please, please, please can you post some pics?

    And then a good friend of mine tossed "Tabac" into the mix and completely confused me......:shrugs:
  2. here is ebene in indirect natural lighting. it's a serious dark brown. almost black, and at night it looks black.

    hermes ebenekelly,raisinkelly,rougeHbirkin 038%20.JPG
  3. Thank you ladies......I love it! It's a nice, rich color......could be a great substitute for black, I'm thinking.
  4. LOVE ebene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2007_0415HLV0036.JPG 2007_0415HLV0038.JPG
  5. dont you think that's a little radical . i think you should ease into a color as bright as ebene. :p
  6. Hi Shop mom! I have an ebene clemence birkin, and I love it! I always get compliments! What are you deciding on? a birkin? kelly?
  7. Don't forget cocoan! I adore my kelly in cocoan chevre de coromandel. It's such a rich, VERY dark chocolate color.
  8. Um not to confuse the issue, but there's also Cafe. :p
  9. Here are some true to life pictures of Havanne in bright light, by the way. It has a definite reddish undertone.
    havanne_2.jpg havanne_15.jpg
  10. Just thinking about Cafe myself Cynthia.

    Seeing as we're skipping 'round the colour wheel with such gay abandon :lol:
  11. LMAO!
    Seriously though--Cafe is quite lovely. Though I have never seen it right up against Ebene I feel like Cafe is a slightly truer brown with no real undertones at all, whereas Ebene does have a slight grey or black undertone to me. Both gorgeous, just a matter of availability and/or personal preference, I guess. But mostly availability I would think.
  12. Cafe Evergrain Lindy 30cm GH

    Pic Credit - Rox_Rocks

  13. You're right! Ebene looks like ash brown than true brown. But in sunlight, it's a different story altogether.