Goin' to the outlet today!!

  1. I am making a trip up to the san marcos outlets today! I hope I can get some christmas shopping done and find something good at coach!!! Wish me luck!!
  2. Good luck, girl! Don't forget to post pics of all your goodies!
  3. PLEASE report on what you see. I might make a trip down there soon :graucho:
  4. I am back and TIRED!!!!!!!! I drove for like 7 hours today:shocked: There was so much I hope I remember everything! There was the holiday patchwork stuff.. and they said that what they had out was the last of it (extra 20% off). There some chelsea stuff, and mini sig east west duffles.. also all leather east west duffles. There was a lot of the large soho satchels, I think called the penelope? They were in mahogany and pear leather ans pear and canvas(extra 20% off).. there were large vachetta ergo totes (20% off), and large black leather ergo totes and large black leather ergo hobos.. and one medium black(extra 30% off!) There were a lot of hamptons carryalls and Andrea satchels.. there were a few Abbeys.. Some soho hobos in leather and brown/brown sig (all 20% off) There was some kind of studded looking soho hobo, but not the made for outlet ones.. There was one white legacy hippie.. and some resort denim hippies. There was a legacy citron '07 leigh, shoulder bag and shoulder flap.. and then '06 citron/canvas Shoulder bag, slim flap and satchel. The '06 bags were REALLY cheap! There was a medium belted ergo, some soho satchels that had pockets on the ends.. patent totes.. some tweed looking bags.. Legacy wallets in Black and Grey, and Legacy wristlets in Chocolate siggy!! There was also one embossed suede legacy shoulder bag.

    There was a TON of stuff, I can't remember it all, LOL. I got there AT 10 am this morning and I was ready to SHOP! I got the Citron Shoulder bag '07 and a Khaki Sig Hippie Factory bag and a capricorn charm.. a few mini skinnies for gifts and some charms for gifts. I bought the Large Ergo Tote in Black leather.. but I took it back later because I just bought a tote last month.. and I was feeling guilty and my husband was giving me a hard time about it. It was so pretty!:crybaby:
  5. Wow, that is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I wonder what my outlet is looking like these days. Maybe I should call... I would really like some kind of soho bag.
  6. Great haul!! I saw youre pics posted in your other thread. You scored on the legacy shoulder bag!
  7. Wow! A Legacy Wristlet? Wish I could have been there for that!