Goin Postal?

  1. I'm still new to eBay so I'm sorry if this has been asked before..

    But does anyone/has anyone used this service to ship your eBay items? I shipped an item to a family member and thought this might be easy to do with eBay? [Having them pack and ship it for you...]

    Thanks to anyone who responds!:heart:
  2. Our Goin Postal is not that full service, they do pack and ship, but that's t he easy part. I still have to provide all of the info and drop the item off and pay the shipping fees.
  3. I personally wouldn't use them. I am too paranoid and I would be nervous about them losing my item or far worse getting it switched with something else.
  4. Well yea you still have to provide all the info.. But they pack and ship and I thought it would be easier to have them to do this than for you to have to take it to the po and worry about all that.. I just thought it might be easier?? :shrugs: