Goin' DOWNTOWN Club *post pics of yours here* NO CHATTING

  1. It seems like dozens of tPFers have purchased YSL Downtown bags in the last couple of months, so I thought it would be fun to start a reference thread to catalogue our bags. :tup:

    *Strictly pics please, no chatting, just eye candy!!!!*

    Here's my black patent leather Downtown in the large size:
    YSL Downtown.JPG
  2. ^That is a gorgeous bag.:tup: I am hoping to join you guys soon.:yes:
  3. Here's mine:


    Medium Downtown in Black leather...I'm SO in love with this bag! :wlae:
  4. Here is the purple patent one I bought two weeks ago:
  5. I love the name of this thread, Cosmo!!

    freya, I can't see your pic :huh:

    Medium chocolate calfskin, purchased from Bluefly

    Without flash

    With flash
  6. Opps sorry, here's my pic!
  7. Finnaly I'm posting mine, bought in april at Luisaviaroma.com
    Great, great bag! And I'm planning next Downtown in croc-embossed anthracite nubuck :graucho:
    downtown.jpg downt2.jpg
  8. Here's my large Vichy Downtown! It's black calfskin with horse-hair for the Vichy panels and a black calfskin/suede interior.
  9. Here's my violet patent leather Downtown in the medium size.
  10. Here is my new medium patent Downtown. [​IMG]
  11. *BUMP*

    Let's see some more of your Downtowns!