Goggle checkout question

  1. GOOGLE - I have a question: sold a bag on Bonanza. Buyer paid immediately with Google checkout (I had given PP, Google, or USPS money order as payment options.) I have a verified google merchant account in which I signed up my bank account (like you have to do with PP ; i.e. they deposit those little amounts and you verify, etc) a few months ago.
    It says on my google merchant act. that buyer's CC was charged and approved. How do I collect my money? Does Google automatically deposit in your bank acct. or what?
    Thanks for help on this. I have been using PP for years and don't know too much about Google, except I believe the fees are less than PP and it is less easy to do a chargeback?
  2. I meant GOOGLE of course, not "Goggle," LOL
  3. I think it depends on what you were offered when you signed up to your account. This is from their HELP page:

    "The payment schedule for Google Checkout merchants depends on a variety of factors including merchants business type, length of time as a merchant and the status of your account."

    I think you'd have to sign into your account and see what the limits and payouts are.
  4. If I'm remembering correctly, they do payouts a few times a month.