goelegant.com, fake or real??

  1. Does anyone have experience with goelegant.com? I was wondering if they sell fakes. Their prices seem too good to be true.

    I probably just answered my own question!:yes:
  2. I don't know about the rest of the other brands, but unless it's a consignment or resellers, the only place that sells authentic LV is Eluxury.
  3. Those prices are just too low. Also, the name just sounds cheezy.
    I'd say STAY AWAY! ;)
  4. Fake. Elux is the ONLY place for authentic LV.
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    please letme know what you find out, i would like to buy a bag form here, but seems too cheap
  6. Any one order from here and are they the real deal?

  7. I don't know for sure about the Chanel - but eLuxury is the only authentic online retailer that sells Louis Vuitton. This website seems a bit shady and LV NEVER discounts their items. I think this is a case of if it's too good to be true, it probably is. I would stay away.
  8. Probably not......I think only eluxury.com is authorized to sell LV, and I don't think you can buy Chanel online in too many places....
  9. they sell fakes.

    only eluxury.com sells authentic LV's online. no one else.
  10. Does anyone know anything about a website, GoElegant.com? They claim authentic items but their prices are really low...would love to hear if anyone has experience with this site.
  11. yeah & pigs can fly!!!!!! doubt it......
  12. I called the contact number on this site and they claim the bags are factory rejects hence the low prices. Wouldn't someone put them out of business by now? I do, of course, have my doubts on their authenticity but want to research them a bit...
  13. Only eluxury.com is authorized to sell LV bags online. Believe me, there is no way any site could be selling authentic bags at those prices and not 1) be sold out and 2) have their name plastered everywhere as the best place to buy a bag. Disappointing, I know...
  14. The plot thickens and it is truly disturbing...I contacted their customer service and asked if the Chanel bags had a serial number inside...they said that the serial numbers only are placed inside the bag prior to their being shipped to the retail outlet and that their bags are factory rejects. Sounds like a real scam which really annoys me as a consumer...we all need to be careful out there.
  15. Never heard of it? As long as the prices are not below cost then your probably safe.