Gods Help ME!! Failing that, tPF'ers will do just fine. Decision aid please?


Sep 22, 2009
Hi everyone. A few weeks ago I posted my first thread about Hermes. I bought my first Twilly. I bought a plisse that I adore. I bought a carre that I don't adore (on ebay) and am reselling. I took my first trip to an H store and fell head over heals in love with La Femme aux Semelles de Vent in Black Turquoise in a Plisse.

I am still horrendously in love with La Femme in the Black/Turq CW Plisse. It's almost irridescent. It's about $200 cheaper on H USA website than it is here in Australia and I have been just about to 'pull the trigger' twice. But something is stopping me.

That something is a SHAWL in exactly the same pattern and CW on ebay. Of course the shawl is waaay more expensive and I can't afford it. But I am thinking of the sage advice some of you guys gave which is to consider a per wear cost. I would certainly get more wear out of a shawl. Weather is very changeable here and I wear non-H shawls a LOT.

I have never seen this shawl in the flesh, and I don't know how it would stand up against the eye popping colours of the plisse. You add the cashmere and lose a lot of the silk...what happens to those colours?

But then a shawl....much, no INFINITELY more useful and likely get more 'bang for the buck'.

And round and round I go in circles....

HEEELPPPP :confused1:


Jul 6, 2009
Wassit, I see you're well on your way down that slippery slope, but of course, you're in excellent company. My advice is, buy the shawl. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous pattern (I have a black and white silk in this) and you already said you'll wear it often. How often can you wear a plisse, after all? I had similar feelings in buying my first shawl - I thought, a thousand dollars for a SHAWL? But I wear it often and I love it, and have since bought more.

If the shawl is screaming "buy me", then I think you need to do it. But whatever you decide, we'll be right here saying, wow, that's gorgeous, congratulations!
Oct 12, 2006
I don't care much for plisses .. one reason is that the pattern is not visible at all... it is just colors. I had one and found it difficult to wear. I have the shawl in the orange colorway and love it. You can get a lot of different looks depending on how you fold it.


How are you, Wassit?
I'm sure many experts are coming to share their views soon :graucho:

But for me, I'll go for Shawl for Sure. It's very useful and handy, especially while I was in Oz, CBR to be exact! I'm a Shawl girl but so far, no H shawl :P I agree that H shawl is pricey. But with the cost per wear, it's worth every cent!!

I'm sure you will wear shawl in style and best of happy heart :heart:!
Dec 28, 2007
Jardin sur Le Toit
I wanted the La Femme silk in old rose as the asian/oriental borders of the design appealed to me but I got the shawl in the same colourway as I use it more often. The colours in silk cashmere as slighter more muter, as if you are looking at the scarf with a thin layer of tulle over it. Muted but still very beautiful! Good luck!


Mar 7, 2009
Too close to H on Madison Ave
Shawl, definitely!! You'll wear it a lot, and especially in that design, which can have different looks depending on how you tie it. I
just started buying shawls this year, after many years of silks, and they're great! I have the Femme in the Vieux Rose in silk
and love it. You really would get lots of wear out of a shawl!!:graucho::yahoo:


B-& until the sales!
Dec 9, 2007
Dublin, Ireland
I would advise buying the shawl, and then drawing a firm line under your H spending for a little while because of the price.

You do lose some vibrancy of colour between the shawl and the scarf, but that's not always a bad thing due to the size of the shawl and the way you wear it. Personally, I'm very, very fond of the shawls but I do have this scarf in a different CW (the pink, you can see it here), so I can understand the appeal, it's very lovely in the silk.

However, I think you already know the shawl suits your lifestyle better. You say you can't afford it, so I would say your decision rests on that. Do you mean if you buy it, you won't be able to pay off the debt right away, or do you simply mean that you won't be able to buy other H/other discretionary items for a while? If it's the former, I would suggest you buy neither, save up, and get a shawl when finances allow. If it's the latter, buy that shawl and tighten your spending for a while, it's worth it! :smile:

Good luck with your decision! :love:


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
I have one plisse and rarely wear it - it just doesn't show up color or pattern. Shawls are much better.

But as anez says, if you can't afford this, then DO NOT buy either! As wonderful as Hermes is, not being in debt is MUCH better.


Hermes, Je T'aime
Mar 16, 2009
I would say the shawl, too. I never thought I would wear mine like I have. I take it everywhere in my purse, and always have it for restaurants, air-conditioned malls, etc.
For traveling, they are fabulous as they are warm and fold up so nicely and don't take
up any room!


Sep 22, 2009
Hi everyone. Well I guess the votes are in and they're for the shawl huh? :nuts:

But I still love the plisse..............

No, just kidding. I agree that the shawl would be great. And my other half says if it makes me happy I should get it. But he's SUCH the worst enabler of all.

Oh, and thanks for the fiscal care, it's important. Don't worry, I have no actual debt, certainly not credit card debt. I guess it's just that I have never bought anything for myself (an aside - apart form Indian gold, but that doesn't count coz it's an investment :graucho: - ) that is this expensive and it FEELS like I can't afford it. In fact I have the money sitting in the bank. But if I buy a shawl then it won't be sitting in the bank will it? But then I'm 52 and if I can't be nice to myself now when can i?