Godiva won my heart over Chanel!!!

  1. Dear Friends,

    I have to share my JOY with you; I am ECSTATIC :yahoo:!!!

    Dear Ms. Fed Ex showed-up today delivering a package of Godiva 36 pcs. Chacoloate (which I LOVE)!!! 1st I've thought it was from DH for Valentine :love: but NO, it was from my FAVORITE SA at NM!!!!!!!!!!!

    I AM SO TOUCHED and I am just amazed :happydance:

    This is giving me MORE excitement than receiving any of my Chanel bags!!!

    It was so UNEXPECTED and I am just BEYOND WORDS...

    This SURE made my day and a SWEET TOOTH VALENTINE!!!

    OK, after this, I need to exercise another few more hours to burn out the calories, but hey, who cares...
  2. Awwww ~ how sweet! (literally!) :rolleyes:
  3. What a great SA! Enjoy them!
  4. :heart: sweet! both Godiva and ur SA :p
  5. Wow you and Monica must have the very best S/As in the business.

    That is so sweet to send you Godiva, enjoy every bite~~
  6. Awesome! Save me one! ;)
  7. YUMMY, how sweet!
  8. I LOVE Godiva chocolates. Reminds me I need to get some for my Valentine.:heart:
  9. How sweet.
  10. That's so nice!!! I wonder if any of my SA's are going to send me something LOL
  11. Dear Friends,

    You know years I've been buying handbag, shoes, cloth but NO one really shows that they appreciates my business and now I am just so TOUCHED!!!

    To them I am just another nut who buys and buys, but this gesture from my SA at NM really shows SHE APPRECIATES me!!!

    And the most of all, I've been calling her 3 times today about buying other handbags and she NOT for 1 times said anything about the CANDY!!! Her modesty WON MY HEART!!!
  12. what a sweet SA:tender:
  13. WOW !!! :nuts: What a nice SA !!!:yes:
  14. Wow! I'm new to Chanel, but I hope my SA is as thoughtful as yours. Not in the sense that she should send me chocolates (which is so beyond nice!), but that she shows as much considerations and appreciation for her customers as yours does. Some SA's can seem like you're annoying them by wanting to buy something! You're so lucky! Hang on to her, what a wonderful person!
  15. That's so awesome! I'd love to get a gift like that from a SA. Enjoy your chocolates!