Godiva up to 60% off winter sale

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  1. oh, if only i could afford this. in my waistline, that is. :shame:
  2. hahaha too funny :P
  3. I am bumping this. Still some great deals:
    Get an additional $10 off $50 purchase with the code SWEETBDAY01. And use the cash back site to get 5% back. The shipping is not free, but the $10 will offset some of that cost.

    I bought some chocolate to give as Valentine's gifts for friends.
  4. What a deal! 70% off.

    The Godiva party tower regular $45, now $13.50 includes
    Dark Chocolate Almonds, Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels with milk chocolate stringing, and Milk Chocolate Dipped Macadamia Nut Biscotti.

    And using the coupon on top of that!
  5. Thanks. I need to get some gifts and these will be perfect.
  6. they just cancelled my order!!!!
  7. Off Saks has one pound boxes of Godiva for $24. Yesterday they were an additional 20% off, so I grabbed one for my niece's college guidance counselor who is working so hard for us. They are not seasonally wrapped packages, they are the standard gold boxes. During the holidays they were 3 for the price of one for a few days, so I grabbed six boxes :smile:)

    I think a lot of places might have these on sale, if you look around. Usually they are about $36.
  8. i wish there was a off sacs in los angeles