Godiva Sales Time Yet?

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  1. Isn't it about time for the Godiva end of summer half-off sale? I KNOW I loaded up on Godivas around my birthday last year but I keep checking their site and so far, nada. :crybaby:
  2. OMG you have to be kidding me I never knew about this. I am a major chocoholic and I have a thing for their dark chocolate with rasberry liquor inside... delish!!! I swear, I could eat 12 in a row:drool::drool::drool: Please post when it starts, if you find out!
  3. ^^^Ah, another dark chocolate fiend! Do you get the all dark chocolate collection? Hand me a box of those a glass of pinot noir or zinfandel (red, not the pink stuff) and I'm a happy camper! :tender:

    I got FOUR POUNDS of Godivas last year during their half-price sale (stored them in the freezer-keeps great). They also have one after Christmas. :yes:
  4. Summer sale starts Aug 10th in stores. :drool:
  5. ^^^That's when the online sale starts then. It's always at the same time.

    *****rushes to mark calendar****
  6. I am sorry, this might be a stupid question, but I am kind na curious.

    The In-store sale and the online sale are the same thing right? I mean when they had an online sale, I did browse and order from their site. But never gone to check out at the store if it's the same deal. That's what I wanted to find out.... Thanks
  7. Yes, same thing: 50% on most sale items. Some are a bit less that 50% but I always go for the 50% off items so I couldn't tell you which run for less than that.
  8. Thanks for posting!!! I can't wait. I stocked last year at the 1/2 price sale. I like to keep some little Godiva boxes on hand in case I need a gift at the last minute. The trick is to not eat everything yourself!!
  9. i got a POUND of truffles at the half-off christmas sale (my birthday is that time of year), i think i need to be restrained from this one...
  10. *cough* I hit that sale too..... :blush:
  11. lol. can i buy a whole bunch and frreeze them and give them for xmas? LOL
  12. ok, now I want chocolate!
  13. I love this sale. i always load up when they have 50% off online
  14. OMG a Godiva sale :yahoo:! Thx for the info, I will be at our local store 8/10.
  15. sweet!! thanks for sharing...mmmmm