Godiva Sale?

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  1. Does anyone know when Godiva sale starts? I know they have it twice a year and I was hoping that the second one would be soon.
  2. just had one that lasted FOREVER in october.
  3. Ya i think it was in october.
  4. Darn it! :sad: I could've sworn that they had one in December last year. I'll just wait a little longer and see if they'll have one again after Christmas.
  5. They definitely have one after Xmas..like the day after and its so sinfully cheap!
  6. Yes, it's definitely after Christmas. I cleaned house at their website last year! :devil:

    You just have to act fast, because we Godiva fiends sit in wait for that sale and grab all the sales stuff really fast. :graucho:
  7. They have one right after almost every holiday - so the Christmas one should be right after Christmas - it starts at I believe 50% off and then they up it to 75% off to get rid of the holiday stuff
  8. also NM and Saks will clear out the holiday merchandise after Christmas so check there too....
  9. Thanks everyone for your posting! I'll keep my eyes open...LOVE Godiva!
  10. yup, anyone try the G collection, the one w/fruits n stuff? It's so tempting on the site!
  11. yummy, godiva is my favorite!! Open oyster is my favorite!!
  12. I received a box of the G Collection last year. They looked beautiful, but aren't my favorites (some of the favors are kind of weird for chocolates). I prefer their Platinum Collection. As a gift the G Collection would make quite an impression though because of how gorgeous they look.