godiva sale

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  1. ok i guess this isnt really purse related.... but if anyone is a fatty like me...:yahoo: godiva is having a sale online.... drool:P
  2. I love godiva chocolat!! :love:
  3. guess I am a fatty but not into Godiva.. too rich for me...
  4. sounds yummy to me...will check it out
  5. YAY! I LOOOOOOOOVE Godiva chocolate. Now I'm going to have to tell my friend about this. She's obsessed w/ Godiva! Thank you so much for sharing!
  6. ugh..you had to tell me...sniff..LOVE godiva....
  7. I took today and tomorrow off so I can go to the preseason football game tonight and don't have to worry about going to work in the morning tomorrow. Right now my a$$ is too lazy to get up so I just oredered two 1lb ballotin and all white chocolate assortment. I'm giving one of the two boxes to a friend of mine and keeping the other box and white chocolate for myself. I will probably be at least 30 pounds heavier by the time I finish them all. lol
  8. looooveee godiva! thanks
  9. Don't tempt me with this...:lol:
  10. Oooh! Great choice! I looove Godiva.:tender: Lucky Friend!:heart:
  11. Oh how perfect! I was thinking "What should I get Grandma for her birthday?" and then I saw this post. She loves chocolate! :yahoo: Maybe I'll grab a bit for myself, as well. :graucho:
  12. I LOVE GODIVA Chocolates, but I can't eat it (afraid to gain weight)! I usually get a small box for my DH (small so I won't be tempted to eat any)...I get a lot of vicarious enjoyment watching him eat it! :yes:
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