godiva sale is on!

  1. on their website... up to 50% off... YUMMILICIOUSSSS
  2. I think it's in stores too right? I have to pick a 4 lb box soon.
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    What she said...
  4. There goes the diet: I ordered two boxes!!! :nuts:
  5. yes, it's on in store too. Off all xmas stuff. 50% off.
  6. I already picked up a box but in store on Friday night but they didn't have any truffles on sale. I am going to order a box o truffles too. Does anyone know if they have a free shipping code?
  7. I guess the only way to get discounts at this point is to shop through ******. ehhh...I'm just going to order some w/o any promo codes. I'm just being impatient as usual and getting 2 boxes of 1 lbs! :smile:
  8. i just ordered a pound of truffles! plus i ordered them through the american express bonus mall and got triple rewards points for them :smile:
  9. Great game for the Dawgs last night-my son graduated from UGA!:yahoo:
  10. yay! go dawgs! i was visiting my parents in Marietta and didn't go to the game, unfortunately, but my dad (an alum) and our english bulldog watched the whole thing - a 28 point comeback!
  11. holy crap...godiva...haven't had some of that in FOREVER. any recommendations?
  12. ^^ TRUFFLES!!! :yahoo:
  13. Truffles are great. I also love their 1 lbs chocolate. Always classic.