goddess dresses

  1. so i resisted for a long time cuz i'm not a big dress wearer, but they're soooo pretty! question is...where do i wear 'em?
  2. weddings...black tie partys......gala's
  3. Depends on the type of dress too?
    I love strapless corset dresses, they always flatter the figure and they hold everything in!:yes:
    I'd wear one of those out to dinner at a restaurant, out partying, family party nights in...anywhere that you feel comfortable wearing a dress.
    And this hot weather is a great excuse to get all the dresses out for an airing!:biggrin:
  4. Oooh. I LOVE goddess dresses, and am resisting ordering one right now. I just have no occasion to wear them to. Although I'd happily prance around my room in them! :lol:

    But since I don't usually go out to dinner all dressed up or have family parties, it would just hang in my closet..
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