Goddess dresses? Occassions?

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  1. Barring the red carpet for an awards show, what is an appropriate occassion to wear a floor length gown? Or is this look relegated to celebrities?


  2. Sigh. Those are gorgeous. Maybe a black-tie wedding? (as long as it's not white!) Or perhaps New Year's Eve at a ritzy hotel? A wedding anniversary at a fancy restaurant?
  3. ^ those are all good options.

    but while those dresses are gorgeous, IMO, the people who can afford the 4 or sometimes 5 digit price tag on those gowns, shouldn't have trouble finding places to wear them.

    society events, charity balls, galas. that sort of thing.
  4. Goodness those dresses are gorgeous! I wish I had somewhere elegant to go every weekend.
  5. Black tie weddings or events, formal night on a cruise, opera or symphony or theater (if it's a weekend night and you have good seats).

  6. Actually, I don't think this is completely true ... I have dresses like those languishing in my closet ... but I find it much easier to wear shorter dresses to events and parties....

  7. The fancy restaurant thing, even in Paris (maybe especially in Paris), it looks weird. They tend to be overpopulated by business diners so they wear suits, and the rest of the people wear chic black dresses.

    I'm trying to convince myself to be "brave" enough to wear one to an extremely romantic restaurant in Paris (Le Jules Verne), but it seems over-the-top, especially given the economic climate.

    But if you need to make a good impression? ;)