God this is BEAUTIFUL!!

  1. its very nice...and one of a kind ...even better!!
  2. This is actually pretty cute. Monogram on a ribera.
  3. That is really cute!
  4. Ver nice... :smile:
  5. Very Cute!
  6. Really nice!
  7. Love it!!
  8. LOVE it!!!:love:
  9. Beautiful!!!! Did you get it Mselika??
  10. Cute! I would worry that people would think my bag is fake though! LOL
  11. wow its really nice =D
  12. i saw this bag at my local boutique. they had a few special order items for sale including a bronze vernis bucket inlcuding this monogram ribera. they were both to die for but the prices were insane. the bucket was $1800 and the ribera was about $1340.
  13. Very cute, I wish they showed off more pictures of it
  14. i prefer it in the damier though ..