God I feel so sorry for this person..

  1. I cant believe that they are willing to pay almost $500 for this fake..:cry:

    why oh why dont people do their research when spending on designer goods to ensure they get the real thing!! :oh:


  2. mrsmac, the link isn't visible?
  3. Because they think they're getting an extraordinary deal on what they believe to be real and they're gullible enough to believe everything they're told in terms of "yeah, I guarantee it's authentic" without questioning any further than that.
  4. or are sure things are authentic when they come with cards or serial numbers. Geeez, how do these sellers sleep at night?
  5. i guess they lack the common sense part of their brain ;)
  6. I can't see the link but surely they don't honestly believe it is REAL for that price??:blink: I would rather buy a nice bag from Myer for $500 than waste it on a fake.
  7. i guess they do not realize that sometimes deals that seem too good to be true are not true at all.