God I feel like such a loser...

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  1. I know this is going to sound trivial and really stupid, but for little 17 year old me it sucks...I failed my driving test today:crybaby: And it has just put me in an amazingly bad mood, like I cant get around the fact that YES I failed and its over whatever get over it, lets do better next time! I took lessons and they went sooo well I seriously thought I was a good driver; I guess not. I just feel like an idiot, I got 90% on my "fake exam" that they make you take at the end of lessons and I got 60% on this one (you need 75% here to pass). My dad is disappointed but doesnt want to show it because he needs im sad because im such a perfectionnist and my boyfriend says who cares just take it again itll be ok...and acts like its not important but for ME it is. I got this really weird evaluator, and it was a rental car I had never driven before and I was just SOOOO nervous and AH it was just a DISASTER and I needed to vent because I feel really depressed.:sad:

    *Thanks for listening and insight would be appreciated*
  2. It happens, it is not the end of the world. It may seem like it to you now but you will get to take it again and you will do better so don't beat yourself over it.
  3. Been there done that, did better the next time. Keep optimistic! I was sad for a while when I failed mine, but taking it again was better- I just wasn't ready for the road the first time. :smile:

    (Sorry if I sound harsh- things come across differently over the internet)
  4. Aw don't worry. Redo the test and be more confident. Nervs really can eat away at you at the wrost times, but don't be too hard on yourself! You'll pass it the next time!
  5. There's probably not a lot I can say to make you feel better at this moment, but you are not a loser. Don't let a negative attitude spoil it for you next time.....Focus, be positive and you will pass. Good luck.:yes:
  6. Sweetie, you're not a loser. It was nerves, not your ability. I know this is different, but I was so ashamed when I failed my driver's written test (I missed half the questions of the entire exam!)...it wasn't because I was nervous, but because I was overly confident and I didn't study. That was dumb. But you, you practiced! Trust in your abilities. You *will* do well next time, I have faith in you!
  7. I failed my first test, too, and was totally bummed. Don't worry, you'll get it the second time around!
  8. Just look at it this way---when you pass, u will be an expert driver. :biggrin:
  9. I failed my first time too! Don't let it get you down, just remember to breathe :smile:
  10. aw, don't be upset:sad:....i know it's disappointing for you, but i'm sure things will go smoothly the second time around:yes:...to lessen your anxiety, do what marcia brady did and picture the weird examiner in his underwear...i feel so old right now bc you don't even know the brady bunch and "marcia,. marcia, marcia"....:nogood:
  11. Don't be so hard on yourself. I failed my first driving test too :blush: You'll do fine next time!
  12. Aww, you're not a loser! Think of that as a practice round. Go and take it again, and remember to breathe and stay focused. This happens to a lot of people; it doesn't mean you're a bad driver! It can be test anxiety and nothing else. Good luck!
  13. Just practice a bit more .... you will get it! Driving can be pretty complicated -- you never need to worry as much about your own driving skills as you have to worry about the other jerks on the road! I'd suggest that you drive as much as possible until you feel comfortable to take that test again. Then go do it, and you'll be great!

    Don't feel bad, my parents wouldn't let me get my license on my 16th birthday like all my other friends (I was the oldest and I don't think THEY were mentally ready for it yet). I had to wait for 3 more months before I finally couldn't take it anymore and demanded that I go and get it that day.
  14. It's hard when you haven't been driving long--and in a rental car!--it's hard enough when you're familiar with the car. Nearly everyone is nervous taking either the road or written tests. I don't know how hard the written test is in Canada, but when we took them in Illinois, the questions were about driving skills and regulations which are important. We moved to North Carolina last year, had to take the written tests, we both studied, and we almost failed!!! Their test here is the dumbest thing I've ever seen--most questions had nothing to do with actual driving, laws, etc. So you never know--I've been driving a long time, have a good record, and there I am, sweating the test.

    You'll pass the next time; in a little while this won't seem so big, but I know you want your license. You'll get it soon.
  15. My brother and I both failed the first time around. I remember being really upset too but I passed on the second try.
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