God help me!

  1. I said I wasnt ordering anymore bags until at least summer, I bought 2 last month for my birthday and here I am entering about to enter my info online :crybaby: :s
  2. tylisa talk about craziness :p me too :crybaby:
    just got a balenciaga weekender i haven't even used, and thinking about getting more arrrgghhhh
  3. I have just bought 2 Chloe Bracelets bags and contemplating the third one - all in three weeks - I need help too!
  4. We all need help.
  5. I know! Some of the bags I bought over the holiday sales are still sitting tucked away nicely in my closet... unused! And here I am looking for yet more deals! :shame: But I've been good for the past 2 weeks. We'll see how long that lasts! LOL.
  6. Welcome to the family! I can't even think about a purseban...it scares me!
  7. Oh, I feel your pain. In less than two months I've bought 2 Fendi Spys, LV Damier Chelsea tote, Groom Agenda, Mono credit card holder, and Damier Speedy 30. And ... I put my name on the list at my local LV store for 2 more bags! The insanity has got to stop soon ...

    But we all understand! That's why we're here! Enjoy!
  8. That's right ladies! We're all in the same boat! I haven't bought a bag in a month and I'm sweating...I hawk the sales every day....It's sinful!! :heart: Emmy
  9. Hearing your responses makes me feel much better :smile:
    The only thing that stopped me from ordering was I looked at the clock and noticed it was time for me to leave. I told my husband and he was like no way! no more bags right now! :shocked:
    We just bought a house so i'm supposed to be focused on decorating, but i've already choosen the furniture, drapes and area rugs so other than a few small things i'm done :shrugs:
    He just doesnt understand, BAGS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! :drool: