God-Awful Chloes

  1. I know that we're constantly inundated with fakes, but these were so bad that I felt that I just HAD to share them with you.
    godawfulpaddy.jpg evenworsepaddy.jpg blackpukeypaddy.jpg Edithpukey.jpg makemepukebetty.jpg keralapukey.jpg
  2. :yucky: :sick: :yucky: :lol:
  3. i like the color of the 2nd bag.. do they make chloe bags (authentic that is) in that color?
  4. :sick:

    Especially that Edith. That's a double :sick: :sick:

    I'll bet you found those on iOffer.
  5. :yucky: I don't even know what style that 3rd one is trying to be! They're all gross!
  6. Oh lord..... I think I'm gonna have nightmares :sick::sick::sick:
  7. Make it stop!!!!!!!!!!
  8. And what is with the plastic wrap on the handles? Don't the fake makers know the real ones do not come like that?
  9. Interesting.
  10. OMG if Chloe ever really goes pearlized or patent, I'm outta here! :sick:
  11. Wha? What's wrong with pearlized pleather? Isn' t that what we all want in our bags??? I don't think the patent would be such an issue, except these were just SOOOOOOO bad! It's downright criminal, even if being fakes weren't so bad themselves.
  12. ^^^ Dunno, BL, 'Chloe paddington' and 'patent' might be an oxymoron! If the bag don't slouch, it ain't on my couch! :lol:
  13. ^^^ Oh, in the paddy, I totally agree... absolutely heinous. I was actually thinking patent for betty might not be too bad... It's always hard to say unless you see the finished product. I'm still kicking myself for missing the patent gancio's.... :cry:
  14. oh my...
  15. Patent Betty would be pretty! I was thinking of Bag #3 which looks like a patent paddy!