God another adventure.....

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  1. Sooo i updated you guys on my adventure tuesday when i got my friends gifts and myself some sunglasses from LV.... well i went to pick up the presents and i went with my cousin (Cind51284) and ummm well i got distracted.... and this post includes pics! and aside from getting more stuff from LV i went to Marc Jacobs (Marc and also Collection) and got a hoodie pullover there and also some polos and tees.... yea all my money goes to LVMH.... cindy did a pretty good job too she will post pics later i think... i think i should take a pic of my collection before and after discovering purseblog..... ivan that i finally picked up and was heatstamped, monogram canvas belt(to match my speeding sneakers of course), and multi color wallet... ummm god i love mini multicolor! and all of them were made in france which i usually dont check for but that was a little bit of added happiness!:yahoo:






    love the wallet, almost bought that b4!
  3. Oooh! Congrats on all your new goodies! Your Ivan looks gorgeous! Your story is funny--love that you got "distracted" into buying new stuff!:yahoo:
  4. Congrats! :yahoo: Love the Taiga Ivan:love: , nice belt too...:love: thanks for sharing!!!:flowers:
  5. :nuts: WOW!!! Great stuff!!! CONGRATS and enjoy them!:yahoo:
  6. Beautiful!
  7. Hey guy congrats... I'm digging the heat stamp. :smile:
  8. you are on a roll! nice grabs!
  9. ahhh u beat me...*****!!!
  10. Gorgeous purchases!!! I love every piece!:love:
  11. congrats on your buys! and i am drooling all over for the mc wallet... it's soooooo cute!!! love them! :heart:
  12. thanks soo much fo the comments guys! do you loveit?!
  13. Awesome purchases Hikau!!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  14. Ivan s to die for, would be the perfect HUSBAND for any manhattan!:nuts:
  15. Congrats, love them all
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