goclothing.com 35% off everything

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  1. I just got an email form goclothing.com and for 3 days you can use the coupon 'ny06' for 35% everything. I know their selection isn't near as great as revolve or other stores, but it does work on 7 for all mankind and true religion, plus whats left of their sale selection.
  2. Enabler :heart:
  3. awesome - finally a code that includes SFAM. just picked myself up a pair!
  4. I know, those SFAM catalina bootcut jeans are calling my name!
  5. Did anyone else see the message that said this coupon cant be used on final sales? i used it and it worked but im afraid that once they process it they wont use the discount.
  6. Yeah, I saw that, but on their homepage they have another coupon 'thanks06' and it says excludes closeout. In the email I received it didn't say 'ny06' excluded anything.
  7. i need to stop buying stuff for myself and get with the holiday shopping program. every time i think that, a new coupon arrives in my inbox! ARGH!
  8. I know exactly what you mean! My inbox is so loaded with all these coupons I'm going to try my hardest not to open all of them. And I'm still doing my best to resist buying those SFAM jeans, but I haven't bought a pair in sooo long!
  9. thanks so much. i just ordered 2 pairs of J brand jeans at an awesome price!
  10. ahhhh i ordered a pair of those SFAM catalinas, and an hour later they sent me an email saying it was sold out. wth??!
  11. I ordered the SFAM catalinas too. They better not be sold out :s
  12. Yeah it seems only the 28 is sold out -_- what were the chances! hmm i wonder how big the differences are between sizes...maybe i can go for a 29?
  13. I Know!This time of year is so hard. I end up buyng so much stuff for myself. I just got True religion jeans for like 67 bucks! CRAZY. Trying to be strong but its so hard when everything i have wanted all year is now super cheap! I need a support group.
  14. this code still works in case anyone needs a good deal :smile:
  15. on a side note, is goclothing legit? I just know all other sites don't discount sevens so i'm just a bit worried that they might be fake....has anyone dealt with them?