Goblins & Ghouls Secret Polish Exchange Reveal Thread!

  1. Looks like some of the secret goblins and ghouls have sent out their packages or just about ready to, so we need a reveal thread!

    Can't wait to see all the incredibly fun Halloween reveals!!!
  2. Me neither - open, open, open, open!!!!
  3. I have a reveal!!!!!!!
  4. You do?!?!? Already? :o
  5. :woohoo: Yaaay!
  6. I DOOOOOOOOO! :yahoo:

    cool hair!
  7. Yay!!! This is so exciting!! Can't wait to see your what you got :biggrin:
  8. My secret ghoul was super speedy! And very generous, I found this card and a box full of goodies!

  9. The first present I unwrapped was pretty big, turned out it was this cute jackolantern! He's coming with me to work tomorrow to join the gargoyle I have sitting at my desk (it's halloween year round there!)

    tPF Secret Goblin Exchange 2 by _kristin_, on Flickr
  10. Yay!!!!!! First reveal. Can't wait!
  11. Oh how cute! is it a candle or just a figure?
  12. Just a figurine, I'll take a better pic of it in its new home tomorrow.
  13. Ooo this is so exciting!!! Love the Orly for Halloween
  14. The next 2 gifts were Chelsea Square by Nails, Inc and Ophelia by Cirque. I never mentioned it, but I've been wanting a Cirque polish for awhile and I don't have any glitter by Nails Inc so my secret pal knows my tastes well! Both colors are beautiful too, Ophelia is a delicate periwinkle, and Chelsea Square a rose pink.

    tPF Secret Goblin Exchange 5 by _kristin_, on Flickr

    tPF Secret Goblin Exchange 6 by _kristin_, on Flickr