Goat skin vs calf vs lamb skin which one fades less ?


Jan 12, 2008
Hello lovely Balenciaga people.

I am looking for a nice deep brown bag and would like to purchase a Balenciaga (from the good old "moto range").
My previous experience with lamb leather was not the best hence I sold 4 of my balenciagas the 5th one went to charity (it had faded so badly it was beyond repair) and I kept only one lovely orange city that I baby like it is going out of fashion.
I like to take care of my bags and deeply dislike fading (don't mind slouching).
My experience from Givenchy tells me that perhaps goat is better but your opinion would be highly appreciated. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

Moderator, I did check for similar threads found none, if something similar exists please feel free to close this one and consolidate thank you.


Mar 27, 2007
I think it's a combination of the leather and the color that creates the propensity to fade. Some of the chevre colors fade and some just don't. The blacks prior to 2007 are famous for holding their deep color. I've never seen the older dark Browns like Chocolate or Cafe fade. The medium brown Truffle from 06 and 07 often seem to fade.

I'm not as familiar with the dark brown lamb skin bags, but I suspect the same would be true. I'm thinking the deep Browns would also be less likely to fade.