Goat skin / Chevre need info please please please

  1. Okay aside from its lightness in weight and scratch resistance what else is so special about this leather? I know its more costly than Togo and Clemence. Is there another leather that is comparable to the grain of Togo and Clemence but not as costly as Chevre? And I don't care for the feel of Epsom so that would be out for me. BTW this would be for a Kelly SO in Raisin or Prune (haven't decided yet but have to by this week). I want it to hold its shape and also haven't decided between retourne or rigide though I don't have a rigide as of yet.

    And in Prune what color hardware would you guys recommend?

    The size will be either 28 or 32 / probably a 28 since I'm so short (5'3").
  2. Chevre has such a lovely sheen to it (take a look at Gina's Cognac Birkin and Fopducks Black Chevre Kelly, there are also a few Rouge H's out there....I'll post a pic of my Caramel). Colors pop and seem to change in different light. I love this leather for all the reasons you stated already but also because it does take color so well. Here's mine in Caramel.....one with frou-frou (Paddock pochette) and one without....
    Caramel2.jpg Princess-.jpg
  3. Have you looked at Fjord? The grain is not as raised on Togo, is a bit more matte, but holds up beautifully. I adore Chevre, but one thing about Chevre I've noticed is that it's seemingly scratch-proof, but out of all my bags, the ones that do show a bit of wear from use, are the Chevre ones--particularly on the corners. Occasionally you may nick the leather too with something like keys. I don't worry about my Togo and Fjord as much when tossing my keys into the bag, but am a bit more careful with Chevre.

    My favorite thing about Chevre is the grain and the slight sheen. I prefer Chevre Coromandel b/c of the very visible spine--which some don't like, but it adds a lovely dimension to the bag.
  4. Thanks! I decided on Prune color with gold hardware in Chevre Mysore which I was told by my SA is the only Chevre that it comes in. I'm excited now and hope to know by December if my order was accepted. Thanks for your input!!!!!
  5. I love chevre because its light, scratch proof and has a sheen:yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. Orchids,

    Do you prefer togo over Fjord? Or the opposite?
    I saw your beautiful Birkin collection from the other thread.
    Since you already have Chevre, Fjord, goto......
    What leather would you choose for your next Birkin?
  7. i think it is chevre is a bit more water resistant...
  8. sigh, chevre is so fabulous!!!

    I love everything shiny...
  9. Yes, Chevre is fabulous... But don't discount other leathers because of it!! It does get "tired" more easily.
  10. Perja,
    Please kindly elaborate on chevre getting "tired" more easily ... So it needs special care? Or is it that the leather is more delicate and the aging is more obvious?
  11. Yes please explain.....
  12. This is from personal experience so others, if you have a different opinion, please chime in!

    Chevre is resistant but it's also very supple. So if something (like keys) press against it, it can show. If such a thing happens, you have to take great care into massaging it back out.