Goat skin bags / slgs vs. calf or lamb?

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  1. Hello fellow Chanel lovers! Would really like your impressions of bags and or slgs made from goat vs. calf or lamb? Wearability , durability over all ? TIA. SB
  2. My favorite leather of all time is Goat skin. I have a 2008 black goat skin flap and to this day it still looks excellent.
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  3. Wow! 2008! I am amazed about how little I know about Chanel. I have only viewed bags from this year that are goat, I had no idea it has been in circulation that long. I am considering a reissue that is goat metallic, hence the request. Thanks very much, SB
  4. Goat skin in any brand is my favorite! The color looks amazing and it's easy to use and hassle free! Congrats on the reissue!!! I had a metallic black reissue on calfskin but I sold it. Good luck!