Goat Leather - Anyone Else Use It?

  1. I am curious if there are any other fashion houses currently using goat leather aside from Balenciaga? Reason I wask is because I am tired of my family asking if something is wrong with my Extra Courier. They look at the veins and think its defects!

    I have told them until I am blue that is the character of the leather but at this point telling them again ist a waste. I have even shown them the bags at NM but they also think its a "bad batch" of bags. Its like trying to convince Howard J. Stern that he is not Anna Nicole's Baby Daddy! I don't want to resort to the paternity route :p

    In any case - anyone know of any other designers so I can drag them to the store and show them? HELP!

    And FYI - thanks to everyone who sent messages! I was just away for work and then vacation, which was fantastic!
  2. ^ LOL! :roflmfao: Clake, I soooo feel for you! You have a great sense of humor! Family can sometimes be the toughest group of people to convince...! It's like everyone else will take what you say seriously, but family...forget it! Sometimes they just don't seem to hear anything you are saying...

    I remember I bought and returned a Marc Jacobs quilted bag end of last year and I believe it was also goatskin leather...someone correct me if I am not remembering correctly??? I've been so immersed in Balenciaga since that one time fling with MJ that I have even forgotten the name of the line/style...was it ursula or ...now I remember...I think it was the bowling bag! And it was the patent leather one...
  3. :cursing:< this look like you when your family asks about your bbag?? That is too funny. I am sure your bag is just GEOURGOUS.:p
  4. OMG, Clake, my brother asked me if the leather on my black city is broken! He said it looks old, veiny and wrinkly! I felt very insulted:hysteric:

    It does make one wonder though, doesn't it?:shame:
  5. I have a Rochas chevre bag, but it's laser-cut to have a kind of velvety nap, so not the same thing. And Rochas is no more. Expect to see some chevre bags from Nina Ricci, when that house gets going.

    Hermes uses chevre too.
  6. i feel your pain.....

    my DH always asks me if i'm sure my bbag is new because he thinks there's something wrong with the leather..... he says the leather looks 'veiny and old' ...he once even asked if i could have it exchange with another bag :noggin: :smash: the nerve......
  7. Louis Vuitton is using it on their new leather riveting bags - which are priced at about $3,300!
  8. Some of the quilted Marc Jacobs bags are made of goat leather. I saw some metallic mini-stam bags this weekend that were super lightweight and supple.
  9. I think its more a character of the dyeing process than the leather itself. I can't think of any other designer whose leather looks remotely similar.

    Maybe you could say, "Its one of a kind and that's why I love it"
  10. Louis Vuitton's Suhali line of handbags and small leather goods (wallets, etc) are made from goat leather.
  11. A lot of companies commonly use kidskin (baby goat) which is not veiny and smoother compared to adult goat skin. Both Hermes and Ferragamo use either goat skin or kidskin. Goat and kidskins are also used on shoes (you can differentiate goatskin from calfskin just by the softness and thinness of goatskin - which is why I feel my Bbag is going to rip everytime I put something in it.

    Also, goat skin will not always look like a Balenciaga leather. The wrinkling and other characteristics we associate to our beloved Motorcycle bags is done during the tanning and dying process.
  12. Did someone of U already seen the new leatherjackets that Balenciaga made. It`s from the same goatskin as we know from the bags. I have seen the lady`s jacket in Belgium and it was very lovely, they didn`t have the menjacket, they are in backorder.
    I thought i had to pie in my pants so nice,:yes: U want to smell, feel and almost taste the leather.:graucho: I hope they are all sold when i come there next time:sweatdrop:

    BYE FX:heart:
  13. YES! I tried it on when I was at Balenciaga NY. It felt like I was wearing the bag! :roflmfao: The jacket that I tried on was in Marine.
  14. Chloe also uses "kid" skin for their paddingtons. I love the feel of bbags though.
  15. Since we don't have Balenciaga store in KL, we rely on local boutiques to stock them. I haven't been in the Balenciaga thread for so long and it was only few days ago when I noticed the giant collection. So, I went to the store and check em out - only goat skin is available. The ones they have at the store are wrinkly and felt kinda thin - I thought they feel a bit fake - though I'm sure this store which is in one of the most expensive malls wouldn't sell fake. So, that's how goat skin feels like?