Goat leather and Calf leather?

  1. Hi,
    I am wondering what the major difference is between the two..
    Is one better than the other in quality??? :blink:
  2. Well, the Balenciaga bags are goat leather. I think this is why they are supposed to be so soft. I don't have any other goat leather bags, so it's hard for me to generalize.
  3. Goat is a much softer leather...but should be careful...it can be damaged easily....Calf holds up better...but can scratch...too I personally like Goat better
  4. Love goat! Jill, please clean out your mailbox!
  5. done!
  6. Goat skin is actually tough, but because Balenciaga SEVERELY distressed their leather (ie. beat the H out of it), the B-bag leather is signaturely soft.

    Calfskin is thicker. My personal fav is lambskin, of course. It's soft and luxurious.