Goal: All purpose Hermes bag. Is it realistic?

  1. 32 /35 birkin in gray with silver.
  2. all-purpose? depends on what it will be used for.

    if it's for office/work/toting, and that's how you spend the bulk of your time, sure.
    i think the bolide is the most all-purpose design...
  3. all-purpose...... I would say the Kelly is more all-purpose.. but still not totally all purpose (never good for a day at Disney)
  4. I agree...I don't think there is one all purpose bag. Depends on where you are...do you have small children...are you looking to take it to work, or volunteer meetings? What colors do you wear... How much stuff do you haul on a regular basis. Do you need the option to put in on your shoulder...

  5. Well i have decided i need a roomier basic --all my bags are colors and small. (30cm, 31cm, 28cm, plume elan.)

    I have a small child and live in a city so I walk alot and on occasion carry alot.
  6. 32 or 35 cm Kelly?
  7. sounds like a birkin would be a nice compliment to your current collection, but wouldn't replace the usefulness of the others.

  8. Rose: (if i had had daughter i always wanted to name her Rose--love that name!) i have a 31 bolide and a 30cm birkin. guess i feel i need that next size up. you know ---something you can stuff a sweater and water bottle and book into
  9. 37 Bolide would be "practical"
    35 Birkin would have the room you need, but not the shoulder strap, plus it is wide.
  10. Is the GP too casual ? I find it a good alternative to my Birkins, when, for example, I have to be out all day; the Birkin gets heavy, while the GP is just as roomy but very lightweight, also the handles are long enough to go over your sholder, so you have that option aswell. For me it's probably the most practical H bag I have.....
  11. I agree with Rose that the retourne Kelly is the most versatile H bag. With the excpetion of beach/amusement park days it goes EVERYWHERE. Mall, out to dinner, Target, parties, dressy events...you name it.

  12. whats a GP?
  13. Hermesaholic, the GP is a Garden Party....a beautiful, casual Hermes open tote.

  14. you know i am a goof! i realized that after i asked. Thanks though
  15. How about a large Picotin?