Goach bag sighting

  1. The mother of a patient walked up with him and from a distance out of the corner of my eye I thought "Oh she's got an optic bag" until she got a tiny bit closer and then I realized it was a Goach bag. :throwup: I had to bite my tongue BIG time but....:throwup::yucky:
  2. i saw soooooo many goaches at the mall this past week. I make a game of it, see how many I can spot before I leave. It was ALOT!!!
  3. GOACH????? So funny! I've never seen that before. :roflmfao:
  4. Ugh! Those Goaches are all over my school campus. :sad:

    It was pretty hard to tell when I saw this girl with a optic one.. I thought it was really cute.. then I got closer and saw that those C's where G's! xD
  5. Yeah...there are a lot of Goaches here too, but mostly I see fake Chanel.
    Some of the fakes of all the brands are just terrible.
  6. GOACH?? Hahah that is terrible. That is worse than Bad fake Coach bags where the "leather" handles look like leftover strips of beef jerkey! ROFL!
  7. thats the worst... too funny but gross at the same time!
  8. I spotted a few at disneyland this weekend.
  9. I just saw a lady at Kohl's last weekend who had a Goach bag that looked like a large Carly. Imagine the size of those G's! I would be so embarassed to carry a fake bag at all, let alone one like that.
  10. I saw the giant Goach Garly a couple of weeks ago at the mall...it was a site.....
  11. :wtf: :throwup:

    A Goach Garly?! Wow, and I thought the Goach "Ali" I saw was awful...
  12. Last summer I went to the Montana Fair and I carried my large denim Carly. Right as you enter someone had a booth and they were selling a bunch of fake bags and even had the Goach version of the bag I was using. There I was using the real deal and I felt a little embarrased while I walked past the fakes. It bothered me the whole time I was there trying to have fun. What a downer!!
  13. I thought that would be a Goach Gawwwli. :throwup::lol:
  14. LOL tanukiki!
  15. I've seen fakes with G's, U's and O's... LoL!