Go Tribe!!!!!!

  1. OK, I'm probably going to get pummeled as I am sure there are many NY fans on this forum....but CLEVELAND ROCKS!!! You gotta understand, most of our sports teams have a long history of sucking <insert the Browns here> and heartbreak <insert the sweep of our beloved Cavs here> so YEAH! WE'RE PSYCHED!!!:yahoo:

    Go Tribe!!!
  2. LOL...bring it on sister! Here come the Bo Sox!!!

    Go Red Sox!! :smile:

  3. As Red Sox fans, hubby and I are both routing for Cleveland!
  4. Your pic is hysterical. :tup: We'll see you at Fenway!!
  5. YES!! Watch out Boston, here we come!! I am a die hard Cleveland sports fan so I am elated that we are having such a great season. Now if we can only do something about the Browns.