go to your stores soon!

  1. EVERYONE!!!

    If you can go to your local COACH store (not department store), please do, so you can see the new fall items...OMG talk about LOVE :heart::heart::girlsigh:

    I really went in to get my tag replaced on my pleated hobo, and the girl at the counter asked me if I've seen the new items...some are available now, some come in October, but you can buy the October items the beginning of September.

    They've got new fall patchwork, new legacy items, and OMG my personal favorite, the new color of Signature Stripe...they've got black/silver and khaki/gold. I MUST have the black/silver. So think about the current sig. stripes, and imagine the signature in all black, and the stripe is silver/gray. GORGEOUS, i promise. they've got in the totes and they've got a new style called the BOSTON BAG...The small tote is $268 and the large is $298...I don't remember the Boston price...something aroun $428 or around there.

    The fall Gallery patchwork is just in a tote, it's $398, and it's got some optic print on it. I'm not crazy about the holiday patchwork because it has some zebra on it, and I just don't like how it looks on the bag. Without it, it would be lovely, but if you like zebra, you might like the bag.

    Then the Hamptons Signature hobos are gorgeous...they have one that's a Mosaic print it's $428, and the girls were all saying how beautiful in person. Then there's one that's Signature with python and they've got shoes that match that that are lovely.

    I'm trying to think what else...

    Oh yeah...for all you leather lovers, they've got this bag called the All Leather Shoulder Flap...it's the camel (i think) color and it's BEAUTIFUL...it's reminiscent of old-school coach. about the size of the pleated hobo i think, like 11x4 and $498.

    That's all I can remember right now, but ask at the counter...the book is a small wirebound book, and not every store may have one, but at Coach @ Polaris (for all you OH folks) they do, because the manager went to the "big meeting" as the girl called it.
  2. Oh awesome! That black and silver bag sounds amazing! (My fave colors :yahoo: ) I'm heading to the mall in a few minutes and there are TWO Coach stores there (not sure why) so hopefully one of them will have the book. :rolleyes: I'm trying to hold off on buying anything today though -- my friend wants to buy me something for my birthday and so I get to point things out, but not buy... so hard!
  3. Thats for all the info & details. They sound so gorgeous. When are they coming out w/ a new catalogue that features all the bags?
  4. Oh man! I'm so excited to hear all this! Unfortunately I dont think I can make it to the boutique anytime soon. They need to hurry and put this stuff on the website!
  5. :nuts:
  6. LOL like I needed another reason to go shopping!! AHH! Thanks for the heads up! I may just have to stop in.. to "window shop" of course :whistle: :devil:
  7. I wills top by at the one in Maui when I get there this weekend. =)
  8. Ohhh, everything sounds beautiful! But, I must see this Shoulder Flap! I've a feeling I'm gonna be saving up for that one!
  9. I saw the book this afternoon, and that khaki/gold signature stripe is the coolest! She said that they should be getting them in sometime in November since it'll be available for the holiday shopping season. When are we getting the new catalogs in the mail so that I can stare at the picture obsessively?! (and why didn't I ask this at the store?!)
  10. I saw one of the new bags at the Stanford Coach on Sunday, it was a signature, but the linings were a fabulous striped pattern, all in jewel tones. Can't wait to see more now.
  11. We need a new catalog now, darn it all! LOL
  12. LOL. I picked it up this weekend at the coach store at Towson.
  13. Okay, you convinced me. I am going tomorrow to get mine! :biggrin:
  14. so this is brand new stuff that wasnt in the catalogues with the siggie stripe totes?
  15. Yeah, it was new stuff! The SA told me that it would be shown in the upcoming catalog, but they didn't have it yet. (They only had the spiral book that she was nice enough to let me peek in!)