Go to Outlets Today!

  1. Lots & Lots of new stuff. I have to run to the auto dealership. When I get home, I will post my finds!
  2. Can't wait to hear back from you! I won't be going to the outlets for awhile:crybaby:
  3. Which outlet did you go to??
  4. ooh :graucho:
  5. hurry, hurry , hurry and post...I can't wait to see your finds.
  6. OK - Reading & Lancaster (sorry Willow but after seeing Reading, I made a run to Lancaster)...

    Reading had alot of the Signature line transferred in from the stores, in black and brown (the dark brown). They had Soho line - the Multifunction Tote & a smaller tote like it - MF was in black, smaller one in white. They had the leather satchels with the braided handles in the white and I think the brown. They had the Legacy line Madison bags in black and gold but the gold had some scratches on it. Please remember, I only remember what I am interested in. They had the Soho hobos with the leather and suede embellishments (I have to get my receipts to give you the names). They had the holiday PW duffle and 1 swingpack.

    So I was so happy, I ran down to Lancaster.

    Lancaster had the signature gallery satchel in gold & khaki. They had the soho embellished bags (I got a pink one - the only pink one out). They had the Legacy Madison bags, the Carly Lozenge bags (ugly), the braided satchels and hobos in brown, and the Legacy Striped Zoe (which a clerk pulled out of the back when she saw me looking at the gold - the striped zoe just came in). The had a few Holiday PW wristlets and I snagged a wallet and a smaller wallet. They had out new optic muffler scarves in all colors - got a denim blue one.

    Of course, as I was standing at the counter in Reading, the FedEx guy was bringing in 5 or so huge boxes of transfers!

    OK so hurry up if you are looking for the above! They did not have any other Legacy Bags like the Mandy, Shoulder, Ali, etc...
  7. What is a legacy striped zoe? I haven't heard of that one. :smile:
  8. please please please let dawsonville have good stuff!!!
  9. It sounds like you had fun! Congratulations on your finds.
  10. To the best of my recollection:
    Zoe Stripe Clutch 10463
    Zoe Pink Scarf Print Clutch 10458
    Signature Shoulder Tote - Black, Dark Brown 2156
    Madison Leather Flap 10470 (Black, Gold)
    Novelty Suede Fringe Wristlet - Dk Brn - 40233 (Reading)
    Holiday Patchwork Mini Wallet 40280
    Holiday PW Slim Envelope 40281
    Holiday PW Duffle 10435
    Soho Leather Stitched Lg Hobo (lots of signatures) I snatched up a rose leather 10478 They had lots of accessories of this style in signature
    Lozenge Carly 10501
    Soho Braided Tote 10049 (and hobo 10044)
    Mia Braided Leather Satchel in Tobacco (I think 10048)
    They had lurex clutch bags with clips on them too.
  11. Lahaska & Reading had different items, and some of the same items. I was looking for a Holiday PW shoulder tote but no such luck - might be in the boxes fedex was bringing in???
  12. Can I ask what you paid for the soho stiched leather one???
  13. Thanks this is so helpful i plan on going to reading on saturday and am hoping to get a Soho Multifunction Tote for colege. do u happen to remember how much its going for? Ive been waiting for something like it for a while and hopfully it will be at a good price. :wondering
  14. DO you have any pics of what you bought? :yahoo:
  15. Thanks for sharing! I went out to the outlet based on your advice and got Zoe Pink Scarf Print Clutch and the Legacy Stripe Flap!!!! :yahoo: