Go To Outfits for COLD nights out

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  1. I ran into a problem the other night when my boyfriend and I got ready to go out to dinner. We just moved to Chicago from down south and this was the first time we had actually stopped to enjoy ourselves with all the unpacking and whatnot and I couldn't figure out what to wear! Normally I would wear "going out" clothes, a nice top and jeans and heels with a coat over it and just take the coat off before we went inside or check it at the door but its so freaking cold here I have to wear a coat and layer my clothes inside since we walk everywhere.
    What does everyone else do? Wear something cute and freeze and deal with it or is there an alternative? It seems hard to feel sexy and nice for your boyfriend when you are all covered up in tons of clothing.
    Ha, I wanted to feel "normal" (wear something I would back home) Sunday morning when we went to brunch, so I wore a nice top, jeans and heels since we were driving. Completely slipped my mind that once we got out of the parking garage, snow would be everywhere. Every person in the entire restaurant was wearing boots and I had on kitten heels!
  2. My favorite look is to wear jeans with a beautiful top or jacket and stillettos, too. In the snow, however, you just have to compromise and I would suggest the following:

    #1 Get some cute furry boots or snowproof boots. I have Stuart Weitzman shearling-lined waterproof suede boots with a nice heel and pointy toe and cute haircalf Ferragamo, as well, both in black. This year I think I am going to get a pair of coyote boots for a funkier look.

    #2 if you're not anti-fur and can afford a splurge get a fur coat, jacket or wrap. That will keep you nice and cozy. Otherwise, invest in a coat you love. In Chicago, you will certainly get your money's worth.
  3. Haircalf? It will not get messed up if its a little wet outside? Thank you for the tip. I have a rabbit fur coat but it is only waist length, I tried to wear it the other night but my b/f said I was crazy and to go back and change.
  4. well i come from the north east of england and we are famous for wearing the same things for nights out in winter as we would wear in summer. skirts vest tops and NO COAT. i do add thick tights if its really cold. you can spot the people who arent from the area because they wear coats and scarves and gloves. it was -2 on wednesday night and i was out in a vintage tea dress and no coat. lol.
  5. What some brands that make thick tights? I bought some recently that said opaque on them thinking they would be warmer but they aren't much better than my regular tights.
  6. Wear some nice jeans with high boots over them. Then a cute sweater and coat. Oh and a cool scarf...
  7. go with a 40 or 60 denier. that means they are thicker. i dont think you can beat falke or wolford, they are worth the price
  8. no effin way i would be able to withstand such cold! How do u guys do it! *faints* Im from South West Wales and its not even as cold as up north!
  9. I just came back from a trip to Chicago and had this same question. I ended up wearing jeans with boots and a cute sweater or heavier long sleeve dresses with thick tights and tall boots. There are a ton of great sweater dresses out right now that would be good to wear out.
  10. I'm from LA and have no idea how to dress in the cold weather either, I was just visiting a friend in Boston and I was alternately freezing (outside) and boiling hot (inside). She says you have to layer, like with nice scarves, wraps, etc.
  11. I'm from LA too and I'm already freezing when it's 50 degrees out.

    When I went to NY one Thanksgiving, I had a Suede dress on with tights and trench coatand pump on and I was fine.
  12. I agree that boots tucked into jeans looks great, and pair that with a low-cut sweater & a scarf or a "going out" top with a cute cardigan... and a coat for when you're walking!
  13. ^ I've been known to go out without a coat in the winter... I don't like my coats to get smoky and besides, alcohol has a warming effect! :p

    The other night it was about 20 degrees F when I went out... I wore wide leg khaki trousers and a warm shawl sweater with a long sleeved shirt underneath, and brown high heeled boots. I ALWAYS wear boots in the snow-- there is nothing I hate more than having cold wet feet! :push:
  14. First of all, welcome to Chicago! I COMPLETELY understand your problem, since I'm from California and find it difficult to go out into the Chicago cold without a full-on snow suit...

    Honestly, I try to avoid being outside so I don't truly dress for the outdoors. Like, I reeeffuuuusseeee to wait in line for a club in the wintertime. If I'm just hopping into a cab then hopping into a building, I will wear whatever I want -- not nice shoes, though, because those will get ruined the second you step outdoors due to the salt. Invest in some cheap ones you won't mind throwing away after the winter.
  15. Smart..I do get a bit worried about my shoes but I guess if I bought some cheap ones like we do for Mardi Gras every year to throw away then I would be fine. I will be on the hunt today for some better looking winter clothes.