Go to Dillard's...NOW! extra 50% New Year's Day

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  1. Go there now! It is a mad house, but i picked up some really good deals.

    I got Hamptons Leather Med Carryall for $123, black (reg $328).

    Belted Ergo Leather flap for $123, black (reg $328).

    Legacy photo key chain $14.25 (reg $38)

    Gallery Pat. Mini Skinny in deep reddish hue $18 (reg $48)

    What do you girls think of my deals?! Run to Dillard's QUICK! I'm in AZ btw.
  2. WOW! You REALLY got some great deals! Congrats on the major haul.

    I wish we had a Dillard's here in MI.
  3. Wow! I too wish we had a Dillards here. Isn't Dillards owned by Macy's
  4. I just got back - I went to 2 Dillards. I bought 4 pairs of shoes, but only one pair was Coach. I went to the second Dillards to find the Legacy striped flats in my size, but they didn't have them. I am hoping that my mom finds them for me at her Dillards. My Jana flats were just $46.
  5. I just got back from Dillard's.

    They had some amazing stuff. They had a bunch of bleeker flaps that were marked 25% off and then an additional 50%. It came out to be around $80!

    They also had legacy stripe Katy totes for about $120, belted ergos, patent gallery totes in black and in burgundy, and they also had signature hamptons travel totes and satchels. They also had some other styles but I barely had time to look for stuff. All the bags after all discounts would come to under $150 and some even under $100!

    Coach shoes were also on sale.

    I ended up getting NADA! Yeah I know how could I have missed such crazy deals but for the first time I really wasn't feeling anything they had on sale. I thought about getting the katy tote but since it doesn't have a top zip, it lacked functionality, so I decided against it.

    I did however end up getting some killer 550 thread count Egyptian cotton queen sheet sets for about $16!!!!! Also got an awesome Samsonite all leather laptop bag that retails for $250 for about $30!!!!
  6. I wish my Dillard's had Coach! :crybaby::crybaby:
  7. Is Dillards and Macy's owned by the same company? If so, does this mean Macy's has the same sale?
  8. Dillards and Macy's are competitors - not the same company.
  9. yeah, dillards isn't owned by macy's... the Foley's were bought out by Macy's though
  10. I am going back after I leave work... yeah, really sucks that I have to work, but I am behind...blah. I am going to look at the sheets this time! Also I have to check out the clothes again, I passed up some really nice dress pants for work... I didn't have time to try them on. $120 for $40 is sweet, so I have to go back, and I might even return one of my bags, yeah I'm nuts.
  11. I called my local Dillard's here in FL before I made the trip out to see if they had anything left. The Coach SA told me they had 75 Coach bags with the extra 50% off, and all of them were gone 1/2 hour after the store opened! Congrats to the lucky ones who were able to get one!
  12. No Dillard's here...good thing for my wallet though.
  13. Yeah, I had planned on being there when they opened this morning, but alas I had stayed up way too late last night:p. So by the time I actually got up and remembered the sale almost everything was gone. The SA's said people were waiting for the store to open and the bags were gone in minutes! But even after I got there after 1:00 there were 2 ruby colored patent wristlets hanging away from the clearance section, but were marked with clearance stickers! I got them both for $21.00 each!:yahoo: The only Coach bags left were the little stripped pouch bags and they are just too small for practical use. Evn the Dooney section was cleaned out. But I imagine there were a lot of bags on hold or put back because there is one SA who puts things back for her friends that stop by. I have had issues with her before:tdown:.

    The do have awesome sales on their sheets and other items so you might just check them out anyways. Like one of the other ladies here said she might return a bag so maybe you will get lucky and get one returned at your Dillards.
  14. I went to my Dillard's right after it opened...it was crazy. I wish I would have gone yesterday and had them hold some...really wanted an ergo hobo but they had none!

    I ended up getting a large rust bleecker duffle for $156.80 and Josie flats for $46!
    josie flats.jpg rust duffle.jpg
  15. I just came back from Dillards. It was crazy there was a lady that followed my mom around the store because she wanted the coach bag she had. I ended buying too much stuff but I did get some coach patchwork sneakers for about $35 and the legacy stripe ballet flats for $46. I also walked out with other pairs of shoes and clothing items.