Go to check your NM Store and Burberry Store

  1. Just came back from NM Store and Burberry Store. Many bags in NM in last call, I saw a miu miu discunt from 1400 to 600 and a Tod discunt from 1500 to 700 and a Gucci from 3000 to 1000. (not exact price, around that:jammin:)

    And also check your Burberry Store. Many nice bags and coats and other stuff on sale, all half price now.
  2. Thanks for the info did you see any ear muffs on sale at Burberry store?
  3. yes, many and also many scarf on sale. I bought one scarf drop from 445 to 219
  4. Which NM did you go? I'm interested. Thank you.
  5. not exact that one ,but similar . the original price is also is 1895
  6. sarah zhou,

    Thank you for your quick response.:smile:

    Do you remmeber which Miu Miu you've seen?
  7. thanks for the info Sarah! which coats did you see at burberry?? links would be great! THANKS :smile: