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  1. After owning so many bags I’ve come to realize the bag I get the most use is the Hermes Evelyne. Most are just eye candy that don’t hold much practical value. Sometime I wonder if I should just collect this one bag in as many colors as possible haha.

    What are your favorite go to bag?
  2. I agree with you. How come we have so many bags and always use the same one(s)...
    My go to bag is my Longchamp Le Pliage.
    I have it in different colours. Roomy, lightweight and never out of fashion..;)
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  3. My favorite is the LC LP LLH, it's the only bag I'm thinking about owning doubles of. Right now I only have one in Chocolate but it's starting to look old (which it is, around 9 yrs of age). I still love it though!:heart:
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  4. Yeah easily my most used is longchamp le pliage(the neo all black one), carts half my life around(laptop, gym gear, shopping etc).
    My finger has hovered on the add to cart on Evelyn, i love the smell, look and saturated colours of the leather with the quality look of the bag. One thing holding me back is i wish it was zippered at top, i commute on public transport and i'm often running for trains etc, my house keys and card for train(yearly ticket is close to the price of a chanel classic flap) need to be in a secure compartment so i need a secure close on bag, zip top would be my preference.
    Second most used bag that is more traditional handbag style is actually another longchamp bag, no idea what it is called, its a plain leather cross body handbag, simliar in size and features to LV pochette metis, in that it has a zippered compartment on back - fantastic secure quick access for train ticket and id for work, it also has a D-ring type attachment in main compartment with a leather strap where you attach your keys. I wish every handbag i desired had these features.
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  5. Do you mean the Longchamp Mademoiselle? If so, I have the same bag and it’s a great bag! I’ve always loved the key hook in a lot of their bags — wish more designers would do that!

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  6. Mine is also the Evelyne! I use my Evelynes more than any other bag. Like you, I’m thinking of getting more in different colors rather than trying to find a different style that will work as well. Other go-tos are my LV Speedy in Empreinte leather and my Chanel Timeless Classic Tote. The Speedy is great because it looks small but carries a lot, has multiple carry options and the style can go just about anywhere from dinner out to a hockey game. The Chanel tote is great for when I have to carry more — the internal pockets are wonderfully designed and unlike a lot of other totes, the straps are comfortable and stay on my shoulder.
  7. My second bag is the longchamp le pliage followed by LV Saumur. They tend to be my go to large bags when I have lots of stuff.
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  8. My work go to is a good ol' B30 in noir. Travel lately has been the Onthego, and day to day is probably my catogram Speedy B. I had an Evelyne and sold it, I'm planning to buy a Lindy to replace it with.
  9. I used to own shoulder and hand held bags but I never wear them unless I have too much stuff. My birkin is super impractical and never sees the light of day bc it sticks out too much. I will probably only purchase crossbody bags from now on.
  10. A nice handheld bag is also very good to have in your closet but there's nothing better than a nice crossbody bag!
  11. Its not this bag, but quite like it, instead of envelope flap its a full flap and the close mechanism is a metal twist toggle.
    But thank you for the heads up on this Mademoiselle bag i must check it out.
  12. yup! for me it’s balenciaga small city (got 3 plus city, town and first) and veneta (got 4 in different colours and sizes).

    am a huge believer of buying what works for me in different colours. also applies to shoes (40 varas hahahaha)
  13. I love the varas. I have them in 5 different colors!
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  14. Large BV Veneta. I have it in Nero and in Ebano. These are without a doubt my two most beloved bags.
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  15. My H Evelyne is my go to bag too and I may want it in another neutral colour one day too, however, although I always wear a crossbody (the Evie) I nearly always need a second bag with me too so those 'fancy' bags come in handy too.
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