Go TEAM WAGs!!!!

  1. Ahhh.. the World Cup Team taking the competition by storm..!


    June 14, 2006

    World Cup Soccer Wives - aka WAGS

    What's hotter than World Cup Soccer? WAGS, otherwise known as 'wives and girlfriends' of English World Cups soccer stars.

    As they blew into Germany, they are taking the town and paparazzi by storm.
    Pacing themselves, the pack of WAGS have conquered shopping, nightlife and pool lounging.

    If there was a World Cup for designer shopping, the WAGs would be clear favorites.

    In the clothes shops of Baden-Baden yesterday, a four-girl strike force spent £4,000 in just under an hour.

    Carly Zucker, Lisa Roughhead, Michaela Henderson-Thyne and Vanessa Perroncel (partners of Joe Cole, Michael Carrick, Stuart Downing and Wayne Bridge respectively) tore through the town's upmarket mall, Monica Scholz, and emerged victorious - laden with Gucci, Prada and D Squared T-shirts, shirts and shoes.

    Yesterday, the soccer WAGS demonstrated their talents in swimwear wearing and pool lounging.
    [​IMG]The WAGs donned designer shades and bikinis, as they paraded around luxurious Brenner's Park Hotel in Baden-Baden.
    The UK Sun reports Frank Lampard's Spanish fiancee Elen Rives showed how she has managed to keep a tight formation since giving birth to their daughter Luna.

    Also present at the pool was Carly Zucker, girlfriend of Joe Cole, along with Lisa Roughhead and Michaela Henderson-Thynne (partners of Michael Carrick and Stewart Downing respectively).

    Then there is Victoria Beckham, who seems to have taken Ashley Cole's girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy under her wing. The pair tend to dine together, sitting apart from the others.

    As one online reader commented upon seeing the WAG activities: "So nice to hear that they all have their figures back so soon after having babies - but just who is looking after their children whilst they are at the pool and shopping!? Oh to have it that easy!"
    Indeed. Go Team WAGS!
  2. Bye bye WAGs!

    Woot, woot!

    Portugals got one amazing goal keeper and Englands got one bad mannered rooney.

  4. I hate it when the game has to be decided in penalty shoot-out! I don't think it's fair. A goal keeper has NO chance. They should have gone into overtime.:yes:
  5. LOVE the WAGS...man, what a life!
  6. OMG! Spending £4,000 in under and hour and not having to care?! What a dream!
  7. I'm not a fan of PKs either. I wish they could just play until one team scores a goal. Argentina outplayed Germany, but Argentina couldn't get their PKs into the net, so they lost. The same thing happened in the Switzerland vs. Ukraine game. Switzerland deserved to win that game, but they couldn't net a single PK, so they ended up losing. I think the right team one today.

    Back to the WAGs: the WAGs are one of the main reasons why I was rooting super hard against England. The other main reason was Wayne Rooney. That red card was delicious. My apologies to any England fans out there. The WAGs are such distractions though. The only two that seem to show any interest at all in the actual game are Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Tweedy. The World Cup is about soccer/football, not about catfights and shopping and famewhoring. The spotlight should be on the players, not on their publicity hungry wives and girlfriends. I think the mania that they seemingly create cheapens the atmosphere.

    France is my favorite team, and I'm so elated that they are moving on. Go France!
  8. i wonder what that women will do when their men retire from professional soccer players and don't earn so much money anymore...
  9. well if they haven´t been that dumb ( iknow we are talking soccer players so that is an oxymoron at least for some of them)and invested wisely they could life the way they do now off the interest rates for the rest of their lives .in fact they could do so even now without actually touching their assets :flowers: