Go Straight To Gucci Website ASAP!

  1. The entire cruise line is up. I am waitlisting for the GG bow hobo. It is TDF! And btw the Joy Boston is adorable and well priced.
  2. Big Eyes you are right lol... I made a thread about the shoes! LOL
  3. I see PINK :nuts:
  4. I'm browsing on there and I can't decide if I like the "Horsebit Nail" or not.
  5. The Horsebit Nail Boston is classy. I like that one, also. But the bow bag is so different..... so feminine..... so practical..... so versatile.
  6. What do you think about the "pop bamboo"? Kind of interesting...

    They are coming out w/ the silver monogram, I need to see it in person!

    I like the price and GG plus of the joy boston, also the one in blush leather handle. Nice stuff!
  7. OOOHHHHH...I like the Pop Bamboo too! And I would really like to see the Joy in person! The price is so appealing! I think the queen hobo is interesting too. :nuts:
  8. I like the bow on the Queen too! Guess they're trying to introduce something new besides the symbolic horsebit.

    Guess I should skip the winter sales and save my $ on the cruise stuff.
  9. Im in love with this collection. Its been a long time since I have wanted 6 or 7 bags at once~! DAMN IT!
  10. NOOOOOOOOoo everytime I'm "over it" they come out with more stuff..why! Must email updated wishlist to DH...:graucho::nuts:
  11. So true! The winter collection didn't impress me...
  12. I didnt see much pink. Otherwise I can't decide wich one I like the most, they are all looking fab!
  13. i really like the queen hobo! :nuts:!
  14. seems like I'm the only one who isn't really that impressed? :shrugs:

    the only things I like and maybe buy is this: (looks like i'm into exotics at the moment :yes:)


    shoes or belt (I think both is a bit too much, right?)
    like this one too but I can't afford it :sweatdrop:
  15. Leslie, those ARE exotic!