Go Smile-Anyone tried it?

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  1. I just received Go Smile form Sephora..I ordered it a few days ago and will start it tomorrow..I had dental trays made a few years ago and have been keeping my teeth white with Rembrandt gels.....Anyone used the Go smile products? It's very easy...not messy I actually like the whole concept of it...My teeth are pretty white...Bought it for a maintenance program to replace the Rembrandt....I'll keep you posted on how it goes...:heart: Emmy
  2. I tried it, wasn't crazy about it. I really like the newest crest whitestrips- i've gotten the most complements after using them and i drink coffee everyday
  3. ^I'm on my second day....I notice a difference...I like the fact that it reaches all the way up to the gum line....Very very easy..Will check back for progress update! :heart: Emmy
  4. i was meaning to ask my dentist on what she can recommend for a good teeth whitener.

    does it hurt? i mean, i think i read it somewhere - wherein the tooth becomes sensitive when you use those whiteners?
  5. i'm glad it is working for you but i didn't really see results either
  6. I use it. The results aren't super dramatic, but I love it. When you are out and just want to freshen up your mouth/teeth you just swipe it on. It is pricey, so i only use it every other day
  7. I love it -- for me, it works as well as the expensive stuff from the dentist & is much easier.
  8. I've tried a few samples and was very pleased with the results. They seem to work as well as the trays/bleach from my dentist and are much easier. With these you just dab and go, staying away from food and drink for 20 minutes or so. With the trays I have to leave the trays in my mouth for 2 hours, which means I'm stuck at home not being able to eat or drink for hours.

    I'm going to be purchasing these soon.
  9. I've used it a total of two times now! I really like it! Except for when it gets to my lip it kinda stings?!? But I use the B1 which is the whitening product, an then the daily that is for like freshners or after coffee. Really nice! Oh and if you actually get it from gosmile the company you get a lot of freebies and better deals. Just FYI. =)
  10. You're right about their site having a better deal. I was already to order the $89.99 plus $9.95 deal ($9.99 plus $79.99 plush shipping of $9.95) BUT, GREAT BIG BUT......when I went to checkout I realized their checkout is NOT USING A SECURE SERVER. I just wanted to warn everyone to check that if ordering from their site.

    The deal is great though so I may call in an order on the 800#
  11. I like GOsmile! so easy to use and they don't make my teeth sensitive. its quite expensive, but i find it effective...well, my teeth were never that non-white, but i saw a brighter shade after just a couple of treatments. i use the toothpastes and love them - they smell great, and i think they're working well to maintain as well :greengrin:
  12. anyone else have an opinion on this product? I'm interested in starting
  13. I have Nite White Excel from the dentist and I love it. It works a zillion times better than any strips or potions you can buy at the drugstore. BUT, I finally decided to try GoSmile because I had about a dozen samples. I was really surprised and impressed by it. It is SO easy. I literally put it on and forgot about it until the next day when I was trying to figure out why my teeth looked SO white. I plan on buying more and using it as a supplement to Nite White :tup:
  14. I've been using GoSmile for a couple years and it's pretty good. It's definitely the most comfortable to apply of all the teeth whiteners I've tried. Plus it gets in between the teeth (Whitestrips don't). They only thing is I've found the results don't last unless you're super vigilant. And by vigilant I mean you have to use the touchup ampoules (almost) everyday once you stop using the B1 ampoules. It's not really using them that's the hassle, it's how much they cost (over $30 for 30 amps).

    I don't drink coffee, tea, sodas, wine, nor do I smoke and my teeth are fairly white. However, only a couple months after doing 2x B1 ampoules for 12 days and using touchups at least once a week thereafter, my teeth are pretty much where they were before. Unless I use the touchup ampoules every other day. The moment I stop the whiteness fades.

    So yeah, I really do like GoSmile but it's expensive to maintain. What I'm going to do is buy the GoSmile kit once a year and use maybe a couple boxes of Crest Whitestrips throughout the year to supplement it (two boxes of Whitestrips Premium Plus cost less than the cheapest GoSmile kit, BTW). At least until I can afford to get my teeth professionally done by the dentist.

    Also, FYI the toothpaste included in the GO All Out Kit (and the full size tubes) doesn't actually whiten teeth, it just helps prevent stains. So, I've found I'm better of just using a drugstore brand that actually whitens. I really like the taste of the AM toothpaste though...
  15. I loved it, I thought it worked great.