Go my first MJ!!

  1. Hi everyone I finally got my first MJ bag.. its a black stam and its very nice, i love the smell and everything.. i made sure to check all the details that you guys are always saying.. like the black string.. the R in the plate.. the zipper, the bottom of tha bags, etc....since i got it off eBay.... but there is a little detail.. I wanted to carry this bag like Hillary Duff.. lol.. :roflmfao:.. i know.. lol.... since i've seen pics of her with the same bag.. but i did not fit my arm pit or shoulder or whatever.. is this something i should be worry about.... (authenticity). is this normal or i just got fat arms.. :nogood: or maybe she is just too skinny. :roflmfao:... lol.. any comments please..

  2. Congrats! I wouldn't necessarily worry about the Stam not fitting comfortably on your shoulder. I think how it fits depends on the season it was made and your individual body type. What year/season is your Stam?

    On a side note, black Stams are very well faked. Maybe you should post pics of the bag in the --- Authenticate This MJ --- thread for peace of mind.
  3. Hi im new to this part of the forum i :heart: that bag too but i cant afford it haha!
  4. I think the later season stams, the handles are shorter than the earlier season (e.g. stam fall'05.) Those Hollywood celebrities do have arms like a broom stick! So don't feel bad about not fitting it under your arm :yes:.

    pandanoir, just do a really good research of which stam would you like to get and just be patient. Sometimes you never know your luck with eBay!
  5. It's true, the newer stams don't fit on all shoulders. The handles are a bit shorter, but I think it might stretch out over time. Of course, that pesky kisslock can be a pain when it digs into the armpit.
  6. congratulations on your black stam! i recently got my first mj bag in the ivory stam and in love w/it! the leather quality, design, and details are perfect... stam is my fav mj bag :smile: the black will be so versatile and go w/practically everything.
  7. Congrats!!!! Welcome to the MJ forum!!
  8. Congrats on the new Stam and don't worry about the handles not fitting over your shoulder. The only Stams that have handles long enough were in the first season.
  9. yay, congrats!!

  10. thanks!

    ill do that

    i think it in black! haha and id take a baby one if i could afford it

    if i sold all my tokidoki for lesportac maybe i could be close to affording it!
  11. believe me.. i sold many many many things on ebay.. like other handbags, lucky brand jeans (my husband's :p, victoria's secret goddies, my daughter's clothes from limited too.. everything i had and didnt want anymore but i was new or in perfect condition.... and i left all the profit on my paypal account.. basically saved money and when i had enough i bough it.. :yahoo:... .. i could say it was free... about the pics i will post the pics on the authenticity thread... and it does says fall 05.. oh well.. will see... thanks everyone..
  12. I totally did this too, to afford another MJ! I sold off a Coach and a Dooney that I never used any more to get the money for a Louise. It's a great way to get "free" bags... :graucho:
    And congrats on the stam!!!!
  13. Congrats!!!!!!!!! The Stam is gorgeous and I'm kicking myself for not buying one.

    I know someone that has the ivory, and it fits comfortably on her shoulder.
  14. beautiful! stam is such a great choice, and especially the black color! you will be able to use it on all ocassions and almost all seasons. the best way to go with a first bag of the designer. yeah, i do think hillary is probably really really skinny and is able to put it over her shoulders.
  15. so beautiful! I am very Proud! Doesn't it feel nice when you get your 1st MJ BAG! I know I cried when I got my first!!!