Go jane.com


Jun 3, 2008
Little Rock,Ar
Has anyone else besides me noticed that GoJane.com has become really expensive??? Like I could get a dress or a cute shirt from that website no more than $30 or $40!!! I looked on there yesterday there were some items that were starting at $60.00 or more:wtf:I wonder why???? Its not a big deal but I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this change???:shrugs:


Oct 9, 2008
Toronto, Canada
I have never bought clothing from there (only shoes) & i find the clothing to be overpriced because i can find the same styles in Canada for cheaper at stores like UB & not have to pay in US dollars. I usually check the site to see whats new in shoes because they have really cute & cheap shoes, especially for summer! I can't find shoes at those prices here in Canada for just cute flip flops or trendy styles that i will only wear a few times! I guess they are raising their prices due to the recession although they should be doing the opposite!
Dec 18, 2007
The most expensive "dress" is 55 which is high for them, but then again most are between the 20-35 dollar range which isnt that high. Some are very simple but others look much more expensive

on another note, I love some of the cheap shoes they have and was wondering if anyone has bought footwear from there, what was the quality like.