Go Green! FORKS OVER KNIVES documentary on Hula..

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  1. I saw this film a couple of months ago and thought it was great! I recommended it to my sister and she was so impressed that she become a vegan. Her motivation was to come off of blood pressure meds. Since changing her diet, her skin has cleared, she's lost 15 pounds and has loads of energy. She recommends this lifestyle change to everyone she meets. I'm working on my diet as well, however, sugar still tends to be my downfall.
  2. Gonna rent "Fat, Sick and nearly dead," from iTunes tonight. Looks interesting.
  3. Thanks for the link. I watched this earlier this year and it had a big impact on me, as did Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Food Matters and Food Inc are two other good ones too.
  4. I wish we could watch Hulu in Canada. >:sad:
  5. I began eating "clean" earlier this year and it has had a great positive effect on my health (physical and mental). Thanks for posting this, I will take a look.
  6. I'm in Canada and I have seen or have access to all these shows.

    I plan to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead soon. Food Inc. was incredibly eye opening and disgusting. Pink sludge, anyone?? :sick:

    Forks Over Knives was very interesting as well. I doubt I'll ever go to a full plant-based diet but it certainly was informative.

  7. Is this the meat filler stuff? I saw some pretty gross things a few years ago when I watched "Super Size Me".
  8. Yes. That is treated with bleach or some similar substance that humans should not be ingesting.

    I always knew commerically produced chickens had horrible lives but after watching Food Inc. I have vowed to only buy chicken and eggs from local farmers. Local farms are the only place I will buy any other meat as well.

  9. Bleach! Now that I haven't heard about, my goodness! The chemicals that are going into meats and other things to make them last is just outta control :tdown:
  10. ^^^
    "commerically produced chickens"

    I hear that KFC doesn't even use real chickens anymore they are using some kinda test tube bird. These companies just care about feeding they are trying to feed us like we too are animals.
  11. I hear that KFC in Canada uses chickens and made an agreement with PETA to "humanely" gas them rather than the standard way of killing chickens. I don't eat at KFC.

    McD's in Canada does not use that pink sludge but US McD's does, or at least did.

    In the movie when they are taking about the pink sludge they say that it is treated with bleach or whatever to make it "fit" for human consumption because it is by-by products. GROSS!
  12. USDA plans to keep feeding 'pink slime' to your kids

    Thursday, March 15, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer


  13. Disgusting.

    What has happened to our food supply is terrifying.
  14. "used as a beef filler"

    So glad I rarely eat beef and when I do (about twice a year) its short ribs. I can't eat ground beef and i'm glad... I can only imagine what may be mixed in with that.